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Are your lotions made from a pre-made base?

No, our lotions are made completely from scratch from high quality ingredients.

I have a sunburn. Do you have any lotion for sun-damaged skin?

Yes, our Green Tea Lotion is great for sun-damaged skin. Green Tea lotion will help regenerate new skin cells, heal existing damaged skin, and reduce inflammation, and help bring down the temperature of the inflamed skin.

What is Stevia? It says Stevia in the ingredient list of this lip balm.

Stevia is a plant and works as a natural substitute for sugar and is used as a healthy and safe sweetener for those having diabetes as it has no calories and a zero glycemic index.

What is the expiration on your lotions?

We suggest for freshness to use within 6 months.

Which lotion is best for cracked skin?

Rose Neroli

Which lotion is best for dry skin?

Green Tea

Which lotion is more hydrating?

Rose Neroli Lotion is more hydrating. We add a great amount of Rose Hydrosol along with Neroli to attain a well balanced lotion that offers to restore lost moisture in the skin.  If you have cracked, dry or mature skin, we highly recommend this lotion to correct the problem.

Will Beet & Berry Lip Balm leave color on my lips?

Beet & Berry will leave a slight color. For more color add multiple layers.

Will Beet & Malva Lip Balm leave color on my lips?

Yes, Beet & Malva will leave slight color on your lips, it is much darker than Beet & Berry.
  • Will Beet & Malva Lip Balm leave color on my lips?
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