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Our Glossary information is a work in progress, please return frequently for updates.

Tangerine (Citrus reticulata blanco var tangerina)

Calming, cooling, refreshing, relaxing

Tea Tree

Aids in digestion, immunities, and respiration, antifungal, antiseptic, decongestive, healing to skin.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Aids in circulation, immunities, respiration, antiseptic, disinfectant, muscle relaxant, cleansing, refreshingAn essential oil from the leaves is frequently used in perfumery, soaps, toothpastes, mouthwashes, medicinally etc. It has fungicidal properties and is also used to prevent mildew. The leaves are dried and used in pot-pourri. The plant makes an attractive ground cover for a sunny position. Plants are best spaced about 30cm apart each way. The dried flowers are used to repel moths from clothing whilst the growing plant is said to repel cabbage root fly.

Vanilla (Vanilla Planifolia)

Vanilla is used medicinally as an aphrodisiac, as a stimulant, and to relieve fevers and gastric complaints, although there is no scientific evidence for its effectiveness in these cases. However, research has shown that vanillin, the main flavour molecule in vanilla, does have antimicrobial and antioxidant activities.

Wintergreen (Gaultheria Procumbens)

Astringent, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, cooling, refreshing, stimulating (less potent than peppermint)

Ylang Ylang

Enhances sensuality, antiseptic, relaxing, sedating, soothing

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