All of our essential oils are 100% pure, free of pesticides and chemicals. Essential oils may be diluted with a carrier oil, used as a perfume, or used to evaporate into the air with a aromatherapy diffuser.

Alpine Herbs (Blend)

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A great addition to your home. It’s calming, medicinal, and pain relieving.

Autumn (Blend)

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Looking to set the mood for the holidays? Need to spice up a room?

Christmas (Blend)

Christmas!! What's better than the smell of a fresh cut christmas tree?

Energy (Blend)

Energy essential oil is a blend of essential oils with properties designed to give you a boost of energy whenever and wherever.

Immune (Blend)

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Immune essential oil can be used to help boost the immune system and fight against infections, sickness, and viruses.

Relax (Blend)

Enjoy a quality relaxation essential oil blend with a bath, or simply dilute to wear as a perfume.

Thanksgiving (Blend)

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Do you know that smell in the store around this time of year? Yes, the one that smells like cinnamon.

Winter Fern (Blend)

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Winter Fern smells fresh, crisp, woody, and forest-like.

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