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The benefits of immune massage oil

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The cold season is here and some of us, especially in Southern California, are not accustomed to colder temperatures.

After all, we have warm weather almost all year around. As soon as the temperature drops, we feel it and it takes sometime getting used to. By the time we adjust, the flu is spreading around.

Immune massage oil can be a great tool to add to your life by aiding to boost your immune system. Use immune massage oil right when the season is changing from summer to fall and before signs of an infection. Although our immune massage oil can be used as soon as a friend or family is sick, its best to use before sicknesses occur.

Let’s take a look at the essential oil synergy in Immune.

Frankincense is the primary leader in immune massage oil and is responsible for supporting a strong immune system, it can be used before signs of infection or viruses. It’s antiseptic and disinfectant properties make it great for killing off unwanted bacteria whether that be topically or by inhalation. Frankincense also helps heal wounds and can be applied topically to speed up the healing process bringing more circulation to the area. This wonderful essential oil can also help fade unwanted marks and scars on the skin due to it’s cicatrisant properties. I have more good news for you! If you are looking to combine all of these properties with some anti-aging features, this is the massage oil for you. Not only can frankincense offer to regenerate healthy skin cells, it can help tone and tighten your skin. Frankincense is a powerful essential oil and even has the ability to protect one against viruses and organisms even if the person has been exposed.

Tea Tree, the next runner up, is one of the most healing and beneficial essential oils available on the market. It is thought that Tea Tree belongs to a group of essential oils that increase your white blood cell production therefore helping the body to heal and fight off infection. This is a very versatile essential oil further helping with skin infections, bacteria, and fungus.

How do massage oils work?

Massage oils are thought to be one of the greatest ways to keep the immune system boosted because the essential oils are rubbed into the skin and released into the body over a series of hours. This helps to keep the exposure of the essential oils consistent and therefore a beneficial and effiecient form of therapy.

What are the best areas to massage?

The feet are the best areas to massage because of all the nerves that run through them. The Chinese believe that feet are the key to your health. By massaging your feet, you can encourage circulation and you allow the essential oils to enter your blood stream. In addition, you may certainly massage all other areas of the body. Wrists and the neck are two other beneficial areas that readily absorb what is applied to them.

Added benefits of immune massage oil

Some oils are unstable and do not have a very long shelf life. Fortunately, our massage oils are in a 40% recycled glass container and will have a shelf life of about 2 years. This will give you sometime to enjoy your oils without worrying about spoilage. We LOVE Glass, glass allows the product to be delivered to you in the way it was originally formulated. This means, being able to receive the full benefits of the product and without any interaction with plastic.

Can I just buy the immune essential oil blend and add it to my own oil I have at home?

Yes, you can purchase immune essential oil blend and add it to any base oils. We recommend adding 5-10 drops of immune massage oil to 20ml of the following oils; coconut oil, almond oil, hemp, jojoba and olive oil.

To health!

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