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The Chemical Trap

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This documentary is originally produced in German but we have personally translated so many can have access to these findings. Please use the link below to forward using email or post to your social networking pages. The documentary reaffirms how chemicals affects us and our bodies as well as our future generations.

In the natural paradise of the alpine region researchers are faced with a puzzle. In Lake Thun fishermen observe mysterious deformities on the sexual parts of the fish caught. Suspect: Chemicals, who arrived in small quantities in the environment, but they act like hormones. What danger threatens the people? Endocrine chemicals determine our everyday lives: They are found in plastics, cosmetics, drugs and pesticides.

Scientists make world alarming observations: fish are feminizing, tadpoles do not develop into their final stage of a frog and polar bears suddenly bring more hermaphrodites into the world.
The film shows effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Is the ten-month-old Lilly a victim of these substances? It is neither a boy nor girl. And Oliver J.? In his ejaculate, there are no sperm.
Is this a coincidence or ugly symptoms of a apprehensive development?

We think you should take the time to watch this, it effects us as a whole.

The Chemical Trap - Part 1

The Chemical Trap - Part 2

The Chemical Trap - Part 3

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