MSG and Salad Dressings

Detox your taste buds

Whether your starting a new lifestyle or keeping up with the current one i.e. keeping healthy, eating right, and exercising. Detoxing can keep your taste buds clean. What do I mean by clean? Well, some people do not know the difference between MSG seasoning, loads of artificial flavoring and colors in their food. In order to detect these chemicals in your food, you must have keen taste buds. Detoxing is the way to build super receptors on your tongue that will help you determine the quality and purity of your food. Just give it a try, its a very cool trick and you have nothing to lose.

1. How to get started

Eliminate eating all fast foods. Fast foods are the #1 carriers of MSG, artificial flavor and color. Check your cupboard or pantry for any products that have artificial flavoring, colors, and MSG. When you find them, throw them out. You can donate food but if I wouldn't personally eat these products I would not give them to anyone.

Difference between Salts

Difference between Salts

The difference between Table Salt, Cooking salt, and Rock Salt.

We just started carrying Rock Salt for our customers who are interested and also for conscious eaters like myself and Thomas. We have been using rock salt for a couples years now. If you are pondering what the taste is, well, it taste like salt.

There is no difference in taste other than if your salt is marinated. Like our teas, the salt is coming from our farmer who is located in the same Flachgau region in Austria. GMO is not allowed in Austria as this is a very important factor.

The herbs used in our Herb Salt are organic and grown by the moon.

Ginger Root

Grandma's home remedies

Remedies are very popular because they work. Best of all, you can relieve annoying symptoms such as runny nose and cough in a natural way.

Most ingredients such as onions, vinegar and salt, we usually always have at home because they are the basic ingredients of everyday cooking. Why waste money on buying chemicals at the pharmacy, try it with the following home remedies:


Inhalation is a very good remedy against a runny nose, coughs, and hoarseness. To do this, add a few drops of chamomile oil and or Eucalyptus to a pot of hot water that has just finish boiling or pour into a bowl over boiling water. Use caution.

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As you might have noticed in this economic uncertainty that prices are increasing everywhere around us, so we have no choice but to increase ours too. In the past 2 years we were trying to keep the prices the same. Suppliers, shipping services and overhead has not stopped increasing. Keeping our low prices became not feasible anymore. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us anytime.

We hope we have your support.

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We are currently away visiting family and friends along with conducting research to make new products. As of December 12, 2011 stock will be limited. Full stock will be available after January 20, 2012. We thank you for understanding and wish everyone wonderful family gatherings this holiday season! For any questions you may have, please feel free to email us anytime while we are away. Thank you. Many greetings, Mercedes & Thomas

My name is Edgar and I am 5 month old!

My name is Edgar and I am 5 month old!

Oh boy, oh boy. Finally I had the time to continue telling my final outcome, yes it is a happy ending and you wont believe what happened. Where did I leave off? Oh yes, I was in the Camarillo Animal Shelter for a few days waiting for my new owner to adopt me.

Looking for a new owner to love me, because I am a Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig

Looking for a new owner to love me, because I am a Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig

Looking for owner that treats me with respect, because I am a Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig.

Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig you ask? Read the following and you'll understand.

First, a few things about myself. Im black and white mixed, I am somewhat muscular with maybe a few pounds extra. I am still able to get things done, if you know what I mean. Wink. Yes, I am a male and I am tough but very friendly towards humans. I don't remember my name due to a trauma I had, well, keep reading and you know why I can't remember my name. About my age? I never cared about my age, I think it's not important so I did not keep track of it but I am a full size adult. I like to hang on farms, dig, grunt around and enjoy life. Well, we all do, don't we?

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