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Laural Canyon Country Store Retail Location

| Marci Zavala | News, Opas Blog

laurel country storeOpas Soap is now available in Laurel Canyon Country Store!

Country Store is located in a small special area of Hollywood directly in Laurel Canyon in Hollywood, Hills California. In this beautiful area you will find a charming Country Store in the middle of hills surrounded in craftsman houses.


The Country Store is owned by two wonderful people, David and Tommy. Laurel Canyon has a long history being famous for the homes of many celebrities and older artist of the 60's and 70's. In the store, you'll find a deli, gourmet foods, frozen delights, bath & body, along with a cafe to grab a cup of coffee and catch the sun right on the extended terrace.

Find a variety of Opas products at Laurel Canyon Country Store.

Written by Marci Zavala.
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