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Winter Fern Soap

amazon stars Based on 12 Reviews

Aside from this luxurious soap being super moisturizing and anti-aging, its formulated to assist the detoxification process in the body along with allowing the mind to relax.

Some beneficial factors of this soap include the ability to bring more blood to the skin surface helping to flush out toxins and speed up healing processes. Hence, the name "Winter", we often consume more calories than our bodies require during the wintertime, this soap is a great benefit to a detox regimen helping to signal detoxification in the body during the entire year.

Did you know the skin is the largest organ? Detoxing the skin plays a vital role in the immunity of the physical body.

Essential oils such as fir, cedarwood, pine and spruce are known for their pain reliever effects and ability to loosen up phlegm. Add our Winter Fern soap to your daily bath or shower regimen for a clear throat and better breathing.

Other benefits:

  • improving respiratory conditions (better breathing)
  • relaxing muscles
  • may relieve pain
  • reduces bacteria on the skin
  • may improve body odor
  • may stimulate immune and metabolism system
  • may induce sweating
  • may help with mental exhaustion
Cedar Wood (Juniperus virginiana)
Fir Needle (Abies siberica)
Coriander (Coriandrum sativum)
Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)
Aromatic Scent:
woody, forest, fresh
Lather Ability:
Aromatic Strength:
medium - strong
smooth, creamy, clean, fresh
stress, exhaustion, anti aging, tensions
Lasting (Daily Use):
3 - 4 weeks
24 month
4.5 oz (130 g)


Distilled Water, Saponified Oils of Castor, Coconut, Olive, Safflower and Sunflower, Pine, Fir, Cedarwood, Spruce, Coriander, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Peru Balsam, Nutmeg


Simple rid of day clothes and march right to the tub, turn faucet on, apply water and soap to bodily areas.

Please Note

Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes and direct sunlight.

Winter Fern Soap Reviews

  • Michael Ruiz (Amazon)

    Feb 11 2020
    Scent was fantastic! It was a great compliment to Christmas time. Although I have very sensitive skin and couldn't use it every day.
  • Drew B (Amazon)

    Jun 19 2019
    Gave this to my wife and she absolutely loved it as she loves earthy soaps. HOWEVER, note this is only for one bar, the picture led me to believe there was two, so it's really expensive! Also it didn't last long at all. Good soap, but not worth the price!
  • StarWars87 (Amazon)

    Apr 24 2019
    Woke up in a forest
  • SM (Amazon)

    Apr 15 2018
    This soap is simply amazing, it’s all natural property’s , you can feel them going to work immediately ! It’s a wonderful blend of nature’s fresh but not too overwhelming scents . I enjoyed the aroma therapy effects just as well as the super clean feeling with lots of wonderful lather . The skin is the largest organ on the body and its very hard to find a ph all natural balance , between nature and the human experience... Its fresh and invigorating feeling leaves you with quite a wonderful cleansing and skin detoxification ,I was very well surprised and satisfied with a sense of total wellness all over , I highly recommend this of product, you can see Its well crafted , hand made and gives you an amazing all natural sensation . I think the price is a great value for this product and I would recommend it to Family and friends I also will be ordering it again soon . I think Its a great gift ideal for people you know looking for an all natural soap solution . I also like the speedy shipping and great packaging I received from Amazon....Shawn, from Ca
  • Leia (Amazon)

    Mar 27 2018
    This soap is really special. I was SO happy to find it on Amazon because I used to buy it all the time when I lived in California. It was made naturally and locally, and I even met the artisan at trade fairs when I lived there. I started ordering it when I moved back to the east coast, or making sure to get some when visiting out west. Now it is on Amazon and I'm SO HAPPY. I gave it to my roommate as part of a gift. It's unusual for me to gift soap to a male friend, but this one is woodsy and fresh - so very good for anyone. He actually called it the BEST SOAP in the world. I agree. I started buying them as a treat, but then realized that good skin care and keeping my allergies at bay was something I couldn't live without. We absorb so many chemicals into our skin, and I get dry skin in the winter. This soap keeps my skin soft and healthy. It is well-worth the price, and now a great part of my everyday routine. I love it.
  • ariadne38 (Etsy)

    Sep 27 2016
    This soap smells like the forest. I am looking forward to trying it for its detox qualities as we are bombarded with invisible toxins in this modern world. I believe in combating them as much as possible.
  • Jenn P (Etsy)

    Aug 12 2016
    This item was missing from the original shipment. I contacted the seller and Mercedes responded immediately with a solution. I received the product 2 days later in the mail!! They were so quick to please! The soap is amazing! Wonderful lather and smells just as described!! I will always buy my soaps from them from now on! Thanks again for all your help!
  • Jeremy (Etsy)

    Aug 25 2015
    I really enjoy this soap. It is not overpowering in aroma and leaves my skin feeling great.
  • Ken (Etsy)

    Jul 21 2015
    This soap arrived on time and I love it. I use it in the shower and also use it as a facial soap. I love the scent and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean without any dryness. I plan on buying more and highly recommend!
  • Barbara P

    Nov 25 2012
    My husband LOVES this soap. He raves about it and he is not the type to gush over anything. He loves all your products. We are an Opas family here. :)
  • Jessica

    Nov 22 2010
    I had a roommate who was manly and loved earthy and strong scents, and loved natural products. I think Opas Soaps are the cat's meow and so I gave him this one for a Christmas present. it has a refreshing woodsy scent and he said it was the best soap he ever used.
  • Spencer Q.

    Oct 4 2010
    I've been using your soap for about a week and wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how truly amazing it is. I know that sounds crazy "soap is soap" right? Well, I thought so till I tried this particular brand. Wow!. It smells great, it feels more dense and a bit heavier than commercial soaps and it quickly suds up. It's kind of hard to explain but it feels like it has a friction to it as you rub it against your body that just makes you feel cleaner in general. Anyhow, great product thanks so much.