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Natural Soaps

We make all our soaps by hand with the highest quality vegetable oils, essential oils, and herbs.
Scents of our soaps may vary from: fresh and clean: Fresh Hemp, Cedar Bark earthy: Frankincense forest-like: Cedar Bark flowery and fresh: Lavender for sensitive and itchy skin: Oatmeal, Lavender, Chamomile, Baby & Me and Pure Olive

Baby & Me Soap  9.95 USD
Cedar Bark Soap  9.95 USD
Pure Olive Soap  9.95 USD
Beer Soap  12.95 USD
Ojai Lavender Soap  9.95 USD
Oatmeal Soap  9.95 USD
Frankincense Soap  9.95 USD
Chamomile Soap  9.95 USD
Fresh Hemp Soap  9.95 USD
Geranium & Co Soap  9.95 USD
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