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Preparing Your Skincare Routine for Spring

As spring approaches, many of us are getting ready to embrace the lightness, rejuvenation, and new beginnings associated with winter's end. I recently met the owners of Opas Soap at an event in Malibu, where I was able to check out some of their wonderful, naturally sourced products in person.

While the pictures and descriptions on the Opas Soap website reveal great concepts and elegant packaging, there is no match for smelling and feeling the products themselves. Opas Soap brings a European sensibility to wellness and natural beauty products, and the owners really care about chemical-free products and packaging. I loved the way these products smelled and how light and natural they felt on my skin.

My name is Meg, and I am a California native who loves natural products. I try to make good decisions about what I eat and the products I use. I'll be blogging for Opa's Soap about natural beauty and other topics, and I am excited to share ideas and discoveries as we learn about the benefits of using herbs and plants for wellness.

As the weather gets warmer, you may want to change your skincare routine. Skin tends to get oiler and even dehydrated in warmer weather. A soap-based cleanser that is rich in glycerin may help restore moisture to your skin. If your skin is oily, you might want to use cleansers made with herbs to help balance the skin.

Spring is also a time to get creative with natural or homemade scrubs, exfoliants, and masks. These kinds of products are great for removing dry or rough skin cells from winter. Moreover, natural scrubs can add nutrients and detoxify the skin. If your skin is dry, you may want to try a hydrating fruit mask. Ingredients like bananas, oatmeal, and strawberries can all be used in various masks to help tighten, tone, and rebalance the skin. Other ingredients, such as brown sugar, honey, and agave can be used alone or in recipes for facial scrubs to help exfoliate and soften the skin. An internet search will reveal countless recipes for facial scrubs. When using any mask or scrub, be gentle with your skin and note any changes or redness. It is generally recommended that you use such scrubs no more than one to three times each week.

Additionally, you may want to switch to a lighter oil or moisturizer during the spring. Oils need to be applied to damp skin because they work by holding moisture to the skin, while moisturizers or lotions restore moisture and protect skin. Certain ingredients such as sunflower oil and vitamin E trap moisture inside skin cells and keep skin hydrated.

Finally, as the sun emerges from wintery skies, do not forget to use sunblock every single day. Most people use less than what dermatologists recommend: a shot glass-worth of sunblock is enough for the visible parts of the face and arms. A dollop of sunblock the size of a nickel is recommended for the face alone. Following these simple steps will ensure your skin is ready for spring.