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Water and its memory

For any form of life, water is of fundamental importance and plays an important role of chemical and biological processes.

Biophysical aspects of water applications

Water is not a simple liquid - it has strong polar hydrogen bonds, which are responsible for anomalies in the physical and chemical properties. For its Dipole characters, water represents an ideal medium for differentiated recording of information.

Through the electric dipole effect of the water molecules, the water molecules attract each other. Depending on its environmental parameters the water molecules are forming structured heap molecules (clusters).

Because of the dipole structure of the water molecules, they can arrange themselves in different ways, and the systems in which they find themselves communicating and so act as an information carrier. Each of the geometric cluster structure can bring a piece of information - the special cluster formations are thus the waters memory. Depending on the structure of the cluster it results in your own vibrational patterns that provide more specific information.

Water as an information network

The dissolved contaminants are surrounded by water molecules. Electromagnetic pollution, chemical fumes or emissions "write" damaging information in the water. Large clusters are formed with high binding energy comparable to the binding energy in crystals. Metabolic active water must be able to pass through the cell membrane, which is not possible if the structure of the cluster is too large - only small clustered water can pass the lipid and protein molecules of the cells membrane.

The structuring is achieved by colloids, which have a high negative electrical charge. The colloids are made of the bodies protein (albumin) and sugar complexes (polysaccharides). Unprotected colloids repel each other and their charge is not very stable - they can be stabilized with albuminoids and specific fatty acids. By the crystalline arrays of the protein molecules it can build a coherence information of dipole in water.

Coherence is the ability of the vibration pattern for superimposing - this creates an orderly state in which the wave forms a coherent and municipal field. Which makes them proper formed and supports the carrying of information. The higher the electrical potential at the colloid surface, the more effective it is as a power source. Certain colloids act as powerful catalysts in chemical reactions - they behave like enzymes in life processes. Free radicals in the form of positive ions contribute to the destruction of negative charges, thus the efficiency of this liquid association is impaired. The rapidly fluctuating network of hydrogen bonds forming both symmetric (tetrahedral) and asymmetric (chains or rings) forms of water-dipole formations.

The ability of the water molecules, form a large number of tetrahedrally coordinated networks not only enables the polymorphism of ice, but also the formation of inclusion compounds (clathrate). In clathrate hydrates larger cavities are found than in ice. Thus, the H-bond network is unstable, unless the clathrate be filled with guest molecules. What type formed depends on the size of the guest molecule that stabilizes the cage. These topologically complex structures are created by the interaction of water molecules to each other and by the host-guest interactions.

Water as a data storage

Water molecules with four neighbors are less mobile than water molecules with five or six neighbors. The cause lies in the bifurcated H-bonds. For the movement of a water the H-bridge molecule must be broken, and thereby the fork of the H-bridge reduces by half. The presence of a fifth or sixth neighbor then catalyzes the motion of the water molecule, and thus the various structural possibilities.

The water provides an ideal medium for recording unimaginable amounts of information. No technical data system could record such amount like water. The information of the various materials that are saved by these molecules are surrounded by water clusters. This changes the geometry of the cluster while generating new frequencies that can pass on the water - for example, water or other living things. This new cluster and frequency structures remain intact even if the original pulse of the change of the cluster geometry (molecule) will be completely removed from the solution. If the biophysical structure of water is optimal, it can thereby neutralize toxins and optimize biochemical regulation systems.

Water can absorb and radiate certain frequencies as information, so different types and levels of "consciousness" can exist. By ice crystal photography the different crystallization forms give an indication that different vibrations (thoughts, feelings, words or music) also have a significant impact on the structure of the liquid crystal.

Every human being can accept individual responsibility for themselves, how much life or death means the vibration information he wants to allow for itself. If cell water for example, gets positive vibration from a healthy (healing) water, and used such as a drinking or a bathing cure with harmony, love and attention (positive mental programming), the biophysical water structure then is optimized and improved the health outcomes over the body's water system.

Author: Univ. DDr. Franz Holzer, an internist and biophysicist
Medical Director of the Baden KurbetriebsgesmbH

Source: © Ärzte Exclusive (Doctors Exclusive)