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A Link between Organic Foods

Finally the organic movement (i.e eating healthy and organically) is starting to be recognized by most. Eating organic-natural unadulterated food has more to offer than the fast and MSG-filled foods of today. Over-refined and processed foods (white flour, white sugar) have nothing to offer our bodies but obesity, vitamin deficiencies, and serious health problems.

The foods around us that contain flavorings, artificial colors, artificial taste, and preservatives are slowly but surely poisoning us. Synthetic foods enter our body and make our cells work harder to eliminate these chemicals. The ingredients in natural foods have the perfect balance and harmony to correspond with our body to distribute itself to the correct problem areas.

The human body is so intricately made yet simple as it is always changing, growing, and harmonizing. If a change has taken place within the body this can cause an imbalance resulting in disease. The greater understanding we have in the relation to our bodies, the foods we eat, and the life we live, the better chance we have at being healthy and preventing sickness.

We must first understand that we are alive (life force) (energy). Life is present everywhere including in an apple and a flower. For example if we are tampering with the way an apple grows (adding pesticides, herbicides, and growth hormones) we are cheating our selves of the natural healing properties and natural vitamins this original apple intended for us to have. Organic foods, vegetables, flowers, and plants have healing properties and work in harmony with the body bringing it to a normal state again. Something synthetic drugs and supplements cannot provide. It is simply the way of Mother Nature.

If compared, between the natural way and the synthetic way, natural healing is comparatively harmless as they do not carry the violent measures and side effects of synthetic drugs. Natural medicine and supplements work in harmony with the body and therefor adapts to every individuals needs within the body. Synthetic medicine and therapy cannot offer this. In fact, Antibiotics (usually prescribed by a doctor when a patient suffers from an infection) kill off many useful bacteria in the body as well as the harmful. By filling your body with synthetic substances (food, chemicals, drugs, medicine) you are working against your body and will soon result in disease and imbalance.

As humans we do not have the power to heal ourselves but we do have the power to encourage our body to heal. This can be done by providing our bodies with proper bed rest and consuming herbal teas that will stimulate the right organs to promote healing. Becoming sick or having disease is not unfortunate and inadmissible. To become sick or infested with disease is the bodies attempt to restore health. If you are getting sick all the time, your body is telling you it does not like what you feed it or the way you treat it. If this is happening seek a change in diet, cut bad habits and start a healthy regimen.

Natural foods and medicine, essential oils, healing plants and herbs can help us in many ways. They have been with us for thousands of years. It is important for them to be unadulterated, organic, and pesticide-free as they are very delicate and can lose their powers, properties. Many synthetics / chemicals have been banned in the past making a question for us today.

How many new synthetics (food additives, artificial substances, drugs, chemicals) are out on the market now?
How many will be banned in our generation?

Our liver carries the toughest job of them all to metabolize our digested food. If our liver is always busy breaking down chemicals (drugs, synthetic substances) its efficiency is questioned. Causing disturbances and imbalances through the liver and body can cause disease. By consuming or adding synthetic substances you are asking your body to metabolize something that is not natural, in result, the disturbance and breaking down of the body will occur.

So if you must come to a decision, between a regular apple and an organic apple, pick the organic apple. The organic apple will most likely taste better, is much healthier for you as its process of growing has not been tampered with and it can offer to keep the doctor away. ;)