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Quality vs Quantity vs Health

We all know quality is hard to come by in the United States and when it is found you pay a hefty price for it. Why is this?

The system nowadays is calculated to produce mass quantity. Commercial farms perform mass quantity. Quantity means low quality. Commercial farms are more concerned about maximizing profit than providing nutritious quality for you and for me.

Why does it cost more to shop at your local Gelsons supermarket and less to shop at Food 4 Less? Is it fair to feed the working class poor quality? Doesn't poor quality put you at risk for poor health? If we have poor health, we'll need a doctor, but the working class cannot afford a doctor. So therefore we are poisoned into a never-ending circle. It is certainly not right to put a price tag on what quality of life you want to live.

We all deserve quality, quality life, quality foods, and quality healthcare for our family and children. It is proven that lower quality foods have less taste and nutrition including; minerals, carbohydrates, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, oils, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. If we consume lower quality foods our body will become undernourished and develop a high risk for obesity. Lower quality foods contain low nutritional values. If you are not providing enough nutrition for the body even though you have had your correct amount of servings, the food is low quality. The body should feel content when the proper servings are consumed otherwise it leads to over consumption, over consumption leads to obesity. Consuming higher quality foods provide more nutritional value which signal a feeling of fullness.