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Why Bitter foods are Important to eat

Bitter substances found in bitter foods make hormonal and immunological changes. The hunger for sweets and energy and metabolic disorders we see today are enormously influenced by bitter substances.

Have you ever noticed why your sugar cravings don't go away? And how bothered you get if you don't get your sugar fix? The hunger for sweets doesn't only occur when you've been sitting at the computer for long amounts of time or when you are bored. It occurs because it's a hormonal imbalance and if not corrected, you'll constantly crave sugar. Here's how to change that.

Start eating bitter foods. While this sounds doable, a lot of bitter compounds are close to non-existent due to them being cultivated out of our foods. You could include more dandelion leaves, radishes, angelica root, and green lettuce in your diet. I found that most of our customers don't have time or it was simply too challenging to sit there and eat an entire bowl of salad with dandelion leaves in them especially if what they were eating was bitter.

So here's a solution, a bitter preparation. Bitters are not only for cocktails, you can get a bitter preparation made of bitter compounds. We manufacture one the best selling bitters on the market, its called Swedish Bitter. Swedish Bitter is a herbal preparation that promotes digestion. The stimulation of the bitter receptors creates immunological hormonal cascades. This is what the latest research has shown and this is where the latest research meets the traditional Chinese medicine, which has always described it this way. Bitter substances, for example, has traditionally been used to detoxify the liver in cases of fatigue and also has an effect on the heart meridian in Chinese medicine. These bitter substances are increasingly absent from our food today, although they would ideally support detoxification.

The best known effect of bitter compounds is the influence on digestion. According to the latest findings, there are not only taste receptors on the tongue but also in the intestine and here bitter substances stimulate the hormone and immune system including assisting the body's process to create digestive enzymes. However, bitter substances have an influence on the whole body far beyond the digestive tract. Positive effects are also known on the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the balance of acid in the body.

Our dietary habits have changed considerably.

Burger and fries, burritos, pizza, and fried food. How many of you have eaten one of these items in the last week more than twice? Even small children quickly get used to sweet, salty, and colorful junk food. Today, food is more of an artificial product than a natural food. I often find that sick people have lost their sense of what would be good for them.

Sugar is an addiction and its everywhere.

Most items I pick up at the store have too much sugar in them. Too much sugar can be harmful for your entire body. The U.S. has a rising rate of Type 2 Diabetes. What we don't talk about much is the link from sugar to candida yeast and the body's inability to keep its correct pH. Acidification and chronic inflammation are linked to high sugar intake.

Better health is on the way.

Nowadays it doesn't take much time to find the right solutions for our health. With a little research, we can find what best fits into our regimen. It's the same for our Swedish Bitters, after taking it just once - you'll be on your way to better health. When you feel a need for sweets, when you have a headache, when you feel stressed or have been working on the computer for a long time, take our bitters and wait to see what happens.

How to use and how often.

Bitter substances are recommended for all people to maintain their health. Bitter substances are traditionally used to treat digestive problems, headaches and the hunger for sweets.

For well-being and digestive complaints: add 1-2 droppers or 1tsp to 1tbs to juice, water or tea before or after meals.

Other benefits customers reported after using our bitters are: detoxification, weight loss, quit smoking, increased energy, treatment of acid reflux or heart burn, pain reduction, increased absorption of nutrients and blood sugar stabilization.

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