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Why Natural

We are happy to hear you are concerned about your well-being. Natural products as well as remedies are safe to use and have been used for thousands of years, they are not harmful like synthetic chemicals. We are connected to nature and it is here to help. Nature is very gentle to everyone and has much to offer us when we are willing to learn more about it. Nature takes care of us as we speak giving us our needed oxygen in order for us to survive.

While nature's cures and remedies can be of assistance to us in the most gentle way, synthetic chemicals, in the long run, can cause our bodies to become imbalanced.

For example, real natural ingredients come from nature. Synthetic ingredients are made in a Lab and do not have a natural origin. Natural ingredients come from trees, roots, flowers, stems, bushes, and shrubs. Because we are a part of nature, we naturally have chemistry with nature and its properties. We do not have chemistry with synthetic compounds as they are attempting to synthesize the behavior of natural ingredients.

You can say that synthetic soap is detergent. It strips your skin of your natural oils but it happens to be harsh in its nature. Why would we use it on our skin? Detergent is made to remove dirt and oils. Hence dishwashing soap and conventional laundry detergent are made for removing dirt and oil. If you are using synthetic soap and you notice your skin is always dry and problematic that's because you are indeed removing the oils your skin needs.

Dirt and dead skin cells need to be removed in order for the skin to breathe, renew itself, and work properly but the removing of too much oil will dry out your skin leaving it exposed to development of excessive itching and a imbalanced pH.

Soap and personal care products containing synthetic materials raise a lot of safety concerns.

Exposure to these toxic ingredients include;
  • disrupting hormones
  • skin allergies
  • skin irritation
  • the development of dermatitis
  • cancer
  • reproductive toxicity
  • damaging the central nervous system
  • damaging body tissues
  • and the clogging of pores
Majority of the skin care products on the market today include toxic ingredients that are harmful to our skin but also harmful to the environment. Most of these chemicals do not biodegrade. So if the synthetic materials in the soap you are using do not biodegrade. Where do they go? They end up in our waterways, and leach into the ground causing contamination to farmlands and water supply. If you are using the synthetic soap on your body, your skin is absorbing up to 60% of those ingredients.

What would you rather prefer? Now that you have the choice. Natural ingredients or synthetic chemical ingredients?

Would you prefer skin care products that are made completely from the earth’s ingredients, (plants, flowers, roots, oils) that enhances, biodegrades, benefits your skin and body? Or would you rather use products with synthetic ingredients, which, could possibly cause skin irritation, unexplainable rashes, dry skin, will most likely harm our Ecosystem, and possibly killing our wild life, fish, plants and organisms. In the long run, what you apply to your skin can effect your immune system since the skin is the largest organ we have.

We want your family to have a chance to enjoy natures beauty Nature is something beautiful and Opas Soap has the chance to set the standard. We want customers to be informed so they can make the right choices for their families.

Soap and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from aromatic plants to restore and enhance beauty. Also therapeutic use of these essential oils extracted from flowers, stems, roots, leaves, or fruits of a plant or tree. Physiological and psychological benefits of treatment are achieved by the absorption through massage, hydrotherapy, and inhalation. We place Aromatherapy values into our soap so you may feed the mind, body and soul all at once!

Sodium Hydroxide

Lets talk about sodium hydroxide, this is a real important subject to cover. Sodium hydroxide is required to use when you are making " real processed soap". Cold processed soap is what you find when you travel to Greece, Italy, France, or simply the "old world". Its this rich soap that if you would have a second chance you wish you would have purchased two bars instead of one. It's the oldest and highest quality soap there is. Cold processed soap is rich in natural glycerin. Glycerin is what helps your skin level out and attract moisture. Sodium Hydroxide or lye is neutralized in a process called "Saponification". Lye is mixed with fat until saponification occurs. This impact of neutralizing is a catalyst process. This process may have a duration of 4-8 weeks. On the other hand, "Hot processed soap" can be used almost instantly, the fat and lye have saponified at a much faster rate due to higher temperatures used. Quick melt and pour "soap making" does not yield rich foam and true qualities like "cold processed soap".

Our promise: We made a promise to our customers that we'll give you honest facts. If a soap manufacture does not list Sodium Hydroxide or Lye in their ingredients its either because they choose not to list it or its simply not real natural soap. Lye can be potentially harmful until it has been neutralized. We make sure our "cold processed soaps" are pH balanced. When the pH is too high this is a great indicator that the lye is not yet neutralized and may require further curing.

Break Down Of the pH System

Our pH (potential of Hydrogen) plays a serious role in our body functions. PH is a scale that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The scale of this pH ranges from numbers 0 – 14.

Anything below 7 is acidic like our stomach acid.

Anything higher than 7 is alkaline like bleach.

Bleach has a pH of 12-14. The number 7 stands for a neutral pH. Water has a neutral pH of 7. Now this isn’t rocket science but I do expect you to pay close attention. It is important to use pH balanced soaps especially for dry skin. Dry skin conditions occur because the lack of sebum. Sebum or oil is what keeps our skin protected and hydrated.   Our skins pH is anywhere from 4.2 to 5.6. The pH value of 4.2 to 5.6 is acidic. It helps to ward off bacteria. The higher our pH becomes as we grow older the less supple and elastic our skin becomes. Leaving us with dry, irritated, and bacterial infected skin. Our bodies must meet the correct pH in order to function properly.

So what does this all have to do with Opas soap?
Here at Opas all of our soaps have a pH of 6 or 7 and below. With a pH of 6 and 7 we can assure you that your skin will be able to absorb all the nutrients and moisture our wholesome bars have to offer you! We would like everyone to maintain healthy skin! To protect ourselves this day in age we should eat balanced meals, which contain 75% alkaline, and 25% acidity. Try to keep healthy nutrition habits, breathe clean air when possible, and keep toxins out of our bodies!