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How to plant seeds in egg cartons

Find a place in your garden where you would like to plant your seed or seedlings. Dig a hole the height of your egg carton. If you are planting your seeds directly in your egg carton, place your carton in a nice place on your balcony or in your house.

Heres what you'll need:

Empty Egg Carton

Remove your egg cartons top by cutting the edge of the egg carton.

Take your scissors and gently poke holes at the base of your egg carton(s). This allows the water to escape for drainage.

Next, fill your carton half way with potting soil or garden dirt. Add your seeds to each outlet. Finish off by adding more dirt to cover the seedlings.

Take the egg cartons top and place it under your seedlings to help keep moisture in your carton.


A cotton filter maybe added to the bottom of the egg carton to help retain moisture. You can get fancy and cut your egg carton into two's and plant them around your garden. See picture Water your seeds and watch them grow.