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Looking for a new owner to love me, because I am a Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig

Looking for owner that treats me with respect, because I am a Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig.

Superhero Awesome Stunt Pig you ask? Read the following and you'll understand.

First, a few things about myself. Im black and white mixed, I am somewhat muscular with maybe a few pounds extra. I am still able to get things done, if you know what I mean. Wink. Yes, I am a male and I am tough but very friendly towards humans. I don't remember my name due to a trauma I had, well, keep reading and you know why I can't remember my name. About my age? I never cared about my age, I think it's not important so I did not keep track of it but I am a full size adult. I like to hang on farms, dig, grunt around and enjoy life. Well, we all do, don't we?

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