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Ojai Lavender Spray

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Opas Ojai Lavender Spray is made of essential oils to quickly refresh the body. Use this spray to also freshen any room.

This light calming scent is pure local lavender essential oil from Ojai, California, Our spray is 100% eco-friendly and comes in a 40% recycled glass. Other ingredients include water, glycerin and polysorbate. Spray body after showering or during the day as a refresh. Our sprays can be used in the house and or on fine linen. Use our natural spray in your car as a car freshener and in the bathroom.

Spray the room and watch the noise level come down. Lavender is known as a sedative. It calms, distresses, helps center the mind, and may aid sleep.

Made in the USA. Important information about ingredients: Lavender comes from Ojai California. Did you know Polysorbate is a natural emulsifier derived from Coconut? We add vegetable glycerin to our sprays for its light moisturizing properties.

Orange (Citrus sinensis)
Aromatic Scent:
earthy, sweet, calming
Aromatic Strength:
calming, relaxing
Lasting (Skin):
12 month
4fl.oz (180ml)


Distilled Water, Polysorbate, Glycerine, Lavender Essential Oil


Simply spray on Body or in Air. Test on small area prior spraying on surfaces.

Please Note

This product is not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid direct sunlight.

Ojai Lavender Spray Reviews

  • Jasen Chambers

    Apr 22 2019
    We like to spray this on ourselves. It is very relaxing and smells great!
  • Hiwa

    Oct 25 2011
    This is my anti-road-rage spray I keep in the car ;-) This is also my ahhh-feeling-lovely spray I keep by my bedside. I love the 4oz bottle and I've given it as gifts to friends and they love it too...mmmmm life is better with this spray!
  • Linda

    Sep 25 2010
    Thanks for the ZZZZZZZ's I spray my pillow lightly each night with this product. Since using your lavender spray, I have been able to get a great night's sleep. Really,really love it!!!
  • MaddyC2552

    Apr 28 2010
    Very pure! In a blindfolded test, I wouldn't know whether I was sniffing an actual sprig of lavender or your air & body spray. Great job!