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Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray Lemon

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Enjoy an all-natural sanitizer for hands and surfaces.

Sanitizers have become a necessity nowadays as we are faced with new standards to protect ourselves against harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs. Our simple yet effective formula includes just a few ingredients that will do the job of keeping unwanted germs away from your hands and surfaces.

As you may know our focus is on the quality of the ingredients in our products that we manufacture here at Opas Soap. This is important to ensure the products efficacy. We have chose to use 80% alcohol formula to eliminate guesswork which allows you to confidently spray our sanitizer on any hands or surfaces resulting in an elimination of bacteria and germs.

Pure Essential Oils of Lemon and a hint of Orange are used instead of any harmful chemicals. In addition, we use Aloe Vera for its ability to reduce dryness.

Our bottle meets TSA requirements for carry-on liquids. Beeing less then 100ml (3fl.oz.)

Protect your self with 100% Natural Hand Sanitizer.

  • Natural and Effective.
  • Removes 99.9% of common Bacteria and Germs.
  • Convenient in a 2fl.oz (60ml) bottle for on the go.
  • We are using high quality USA sourced ingredients and a PET recyclable bottle.
  • Meets TSA requirements for carry-on liquids.
Lemon Peel (Citrus limon)
Orange Peel (Citrus sinensis)

Aromatic Scent:
fresh, lemon, fruit, clean, tart
Aromatic Strength:
medium - strong
smooth, clean, fresh
antiseptic, antibacterial
Lasting (Daily Use):
depends on use
24 month
2 fl.oz oz (60 ml)


80% Grain Alcohol, Water, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, Lemon & Orange Essential Oil


Spray generously onto hands and distribute well. Let air dry.

Hand Sanitizer Spray Reviews

  • Christine P.

    May 23 2020
    Smells great! I use this confidently!!
  • Jessica P.

    May 23 2020
    Very happy with this product especially that it’s made using grain alcohol. I was trying to make a diy natural sanitizer with aloe and grain alcohol, and my aloe would not blend with the rest of the ingredients, so I had temporarily given up. A few days later I received an email about this product and ordered it immediately. Very happy to have this.
  • Kathleen B.

    May 23 2020

    Finally a hand sanitizer that doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry🤩. My hands are nice and soft. Thank you!!!

  • Cornelia Z.

    May 24 2020
    Great smell and I like the small sizes! One for the handbag, one for the car, one for home etc.
  • Ruth A.

    May 30 2020
    I've tried a total of nine different kinds of hand sanitizer and this is by far the best. All high quality natural ingredients, gentle on hands, has enough alcohol to sanitize properly, and the delicate lemon scent is very pleasant. No strong alcohol or medicinal odor. Nice size bottle for tucking into pocket or purse. A great product that is a pleasure to use!
  • Kathi K.

    June 03 2020
    The ordering process was so easy and I love the product! Healthy to use and convenient to carry.
  • Darlene G.

    June 03 2020
    Pleasant smelling... not sticky... really like it!