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Schwedenbitter (Swedish Bitter)

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Schwedenbitter is widely known to activate digestive organs, liver, as well as many other organs in the body, in a simultaneously but concordant fashion.

It is also known as a blood purifier. Most Swedish Bitters on the market today use an 11 Herb formula. We decided to use the original Austrian Apothecary 19 herb formula; it is based on the Big (Grossen) Swedish Bitter. With travels to Austria and research we speculate the Grossen Schwedenbitter to be closer to the original Paracelsus recipes that got lost.

Using bitters

We receive many questions on how one can use bitters. Bitters can be used for a variety of complaints including digestive complaints due to the bitter herbs contained therein. Bitter substances have almost been completely eliminated from the modern diet. This can cause an imbalance as bitter substances have the ability to improve kidney and liver function, improve bile, reduce bloating and flatulence, improve metabolism, and prevent acidification of the body. So, if your digestive system is at risk, Swedish Bitter may rid your complaints.

Other personal uses in our family We've used Swedish Bitter for a number of personal complaints including; toothaches, food poisoning, cuts, burns, allergic reactions, muscle aches, cramps, headaches, digestion, pimples, scars, and rash.

To read more on the usage and history of Swedish Bitters please visit

Our natural therapies are meant for helping the patient. They do not eliminate, neither replace medical traditional cures. We are not responsible for a faulty or unsuccessful cure. Not evaluated by the FDA. If symptoms persist consult a physician.


Herba absinthii, Folium boldo, Fungus laricis, Radix gentianae, Radix carlinae, Radix dictamni, Semen myristicae, Herba allii ursini, Radix Rhei, Radix angelicae, Bolus Rubra, Radix zedoariae, Radix calami, Myrrhae, Camphora Japonica Vera, Crocus sativus, Theriak, Grain Alcohol


Dosage Internal: Dilution of bitter can be performed with hot or cold tea, juice, and water to avoid irritation of the stomach.

We recommend one tablespoon per cup of herbal tea or warm water.

Schwedenbitter increases saliva and gastric juice production which immediately stimulate the digestive organs causing improved food utilization and absorption.

For optimum results drink 30 minutes before or after meals. For well-being drink one cup of tea in the morning and one cup in the evening. If one experiences diarrhea please discontinue as it will worsen. People having a sensitive digestive system should be careful of what dosage they subscribe to.

If this occurs, half a teaspoon shall be taken. If one has pain in the teeth or gums dilute one tablespoon of bitter and gargle. If one obtains tolerance, bitter may be used without dilution. If you decide not to dilute Schwedenbitter you’ll notice the infection diminish much faster. Bitter is not suggested to be taken during pregnancy and during breast feeding.

External: For external application cream may be applied to the infected area before hand. Moisten bitter to a cotton ball and then apply to the designated area. Keep compression between 2-4 hours or eventually over night.

For sensitive people keep application times minimal with longer intervals. Bitter can be used for troublesome pimples. Pimples whether discharging or not recede within just a few hours. Bitter can be applied to cuts, scraps, bee stings, burns, rashes, chicken pox, and blemishes.

Please Note

To read more on the usage and history of Swedish Bitters please visit Please dose for Children appropriately. Take a 2 week break after 6 weeks of use. Do not use when Pregnant or Breast Feeding. Please consult your doctor before use. Important: all stated amounts of swedish bitter should be diluted with herb tea or water.


Our natural therapies are meant for helping the patient. They do not eliminate, neither replace medical traditional cures. We are not responsible for a faulty or unsuccessful cure. Not evaluated by the FDA. If symptoms persist consult a physician.

Swedish Bitter Reviews

  • GWalker (Amazon)

    March 27, 2020
    This seemed to be a good product but obviously the taste is not going to be good, it's bitters after all. However, with that being said it seemed to help a bit with digestion. Think there might be better option out there. Will probably not buy again.
  • Jessica H. (Amazon)

    December 1, 2019
    I am obsessed with these bitters. I’ve tried another brand that did not agree with me, but this product has changed my life. I have dramatically better digestion, feel calmer, much less brain fog and more energy. I will be buying this for a long time to come!!
  • JOSE OJEDA. (Amazon)

    November 8, 2019
  • Felix Morales. (Amazon)

    November 3, 2019
    Excellent. This is second time buying the product, I been using for tinnitus, (ringing in the ears) it's working good. Note: it's different for everybody, I've been putting two drops of the product in my ear.
  • Amazon Customer

    October 22, 2019
    I needed it to calm inflammation of an irritated tooth nerve. I am using it a few times a day and it appears to be helping. I was very pleased to be able to find it and have it shipped in the US. I received the order promptly as expected.
  • Amazon Customer

    September 1, 2019
    Improves digestion a lot.
  • Amazon Customer

    July 4, 2019
    Great product
  • seeing you. (Amazon)

    June 30, 2019
    Great service - great product - thank you.
  • Georgiana Smart

    Jun 6 2019
    Swedish bitters Amazing Healthy tincture I drink with herbal tea to alleviate ringing in my ears, dizziness & migraines. Great energy boost as well! An amazing Discovery! I was gifted Swedish bitters 5 years ago from a Dear friend. Best gift I ever received. I do believe in its healing qualities. Wonderful company Professional & Friendly. Thank you Mercedes for your healing kindness as well.
  • Jasen Chambers

    Apr 22 2019
    We add this to our morning orange juice and it sets the tempo for the entire day. It makes us feel relaxed and happy that we’re doing something good for our bodies.
  • gerardo duran. (Amazon)

    March 9, 2019
    Tiene mucho alcohol, y tiene mal savor...
  • Friedrich K. Gamerith. (Amazon)

    March 3, 2019
    This is the "large Swedish bitter" with, I think, 22 ingredients. Great taste - if you like this kind of thing. A lot of Swedish bitters just have 11 herbs in it (small Swedish bitter), and there is nothing wrong with that, but this here is the real thing. The price reflects that of course. I am now making my own from herbs and brandy, but I can definitely recommend this product. By the way, I am from Austria, where digestive bitters are widely used after big meals - Wiener Schnitzel, Sauerkraut etc.
  • bets. (Amazon)

    February 14, 2019
    Husband is using for acid reflux
  • Joanna B.. (Amazon)

    February 7, 2019
    This bitter works. I had a painful pimple like sore on my scalp and I kept putting this on and overnight it healed. I took this for the stomach and intestinal problems for two days and it seems to help. I cannot believe how effective this is in healing. I thank God for this remedy.
  • Christine Arnold. (Amazon)

    January 27, 2019
    I felt 100% better after only one dose of this product! I had been having GERD symptoms for about three weeks prior to using this, which were getting worse and this product has put me on the mend after only one dose. Not sure how long I will need to take this, how exactly it works or what it does, but I feel better, which is most important.
  • Dawn E. (Amazon)

    August 29, 2018
    This was my first time trying bitters. I chose it because of the high quality ingredients and quite honestly, the positive reviews. The price is a little higher than other brands, but I was willing for a quality product. I noticed the difference in my digestion after 1 dose. Bloating and full feeling gone. I now take it faithfully twice a day. Grain alcohol is the first ingredient listed, so I assume it has a rather high alcohol content. I very rarely indulge in alcohol, so I do notice the relaxation within minutes of taking it. Only issue is the taste. It is absolutely awful. If this stuff didn't work, I don't think I could tolerate it.
  • d brauch (Amazon)

    August 22, 2018
    I am familiar with Swedish Bitters, and Opas Schwedenbitter is an authentic formula and is very effective as a digestive aid. I would suggest this brand to anyone. It works well as a topical liniment on mosquito bites too! My wife has been using it after heavy meals, as a morning detox, a cold remedy, ect., and is enjoying exploring the myriad ways it can be used. Fast shipping.
  • S. B. Yates (Amazon)

    August 8, 2018
    This was my first time trying Swedish bitters for any reason and I'm so glad to have tried this brand. These are quality based on the ingredients and what bitters should do for you. This definitely helps digestive issues, even constipation. I have purchased 2 bottles and have to take a rest from using them as instructed but I know this brand by Opas soap is what I will try to turn to when ready to buy again. The only issue I have is the price. These are distinctively more expensive than other brands and that makes it hard for me to purchase but I do what else I can when I run out even if I have to try diluting it more when it gets closer to the end. Pricey but well worth it.
  • T. F. (Amazon)

    July 13, 2018
    Amazing! This stuff really helps my belly when it is queasy. I don't like taking pharmaceuticals, antacids, or other OTC meds, so I tend to reach for digestive enzymes, or betaine hydrochloride when I have stomach distress. However those don't always work. I heard about bitters; did a little reading. Discovered this brand, and it seemed to me to be pretty good based on the reviews, and manufacturing processes; so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. It really helps, and is quickly becoming my "go to" whenever I feel I need a bit of digestive support. Recommended!
  • Amazon shopper

    May 22, 2018
    Our family has been using Swedish Balsam for over 15 years. We usually made it ourselves from dry plants. We use it as a remedy for many things such as: for digestion, headaches, toothaches, skin issues etc. It has been a great product for us for many different ailments. I found this product on Amazon and decided to try it out. I really like this product, it came right on time with great packaging and is of great quality. We finished an entire bottle and bought our second one. The seller Opas Soap is a great seller, I have directly purchased many things from them now and I am very pleased with the quality of all of their products. Definitely would recommend this product!
  • Francine (Amazon)

    May 19, 2018
    This helped me with my acid reflux. Has a bit of a harsh taste but that is a small price to pay for long term health benifits. I am so happy I tried this! I was having throbbing headaches from the medication my doctor prescribed me and this has helped me wean myself off that medicine. I really trust this brand now and like that they also have nice organic soaps too.
  • ANITA (Amazon)

    May 16, 2018
    Everyone should have this Swedish Bitter in their home. I wanted to wait a week at least to see how this product has been working for me. I have no more bloating and my heartburn is gone! The bloating instantly went away after taking a teaspoon of Swedish bitter before my meals. I put the Swedish bitter in a cup of watered down apple juice. The taste is bitter if you don’t dilute it.
  • Amazon Customer

    May 7, 2018
    I absolutely love this product! I purchased it to clear up my face. I take a tsp of the Swedish Bitter mixed with orange juice in the morning on an empty stomach. Not only has it been working amazingly for my skin (no new issues and old problems clearing up), but it also gives me an overall calming feeling. It's hard to put it in words - I guess you'll have to try it out yourself ;) - deana in CT
  • Amazon Customer

    May 6, 2018
    This “large” formula bitters stopped my nighttime-only reflux. I Also take raw apple cider vinegar but it isn’t enough. The bitters also improves digestion for me. If antiacids and blockers do not work for you, give this a try. It has helped me feel like myself again. Haven’t tried it externally. 1 teaspoon in 4 oz of water morning and before bed. My second order brought me a nice lavender shampoo sample, may have to order some of that too!
  • Anna Ujhelyova (Amazon)

    April 12, 2018
  • goodliteraturesupporter (Amazon)

    February 4, 2017
    tastes terrible but it does the job for indigestion
  • Jim Aiken

    Dec 13 2016
  • Aaron Uhlenberg

    Dec 6 2016
    Awesome product especially with the 19 herb formula!! Also was impressed with the shipping time to New Zealand!!
  • Marilyn B

    Nov 4 2016
    First time I took a teaspoon in water I could feel things happening throughout my body. Amazing!
  • Jehudial (Etsy)

    Jul 28 2016
    Great packaging, worked well. I'm very pleased with product :)
  • roxane lofthus (Etsy)

    Jul 2 2016
    It came quick. I have used it before it's great stuff !!should be in everyones firstaid kit.
  • Susanne (Etsy)

    Jan 27 2016
    Excellent Bitters! Mercedes is a sweetheart! Thanks for all your kind convos!
  • Shayne D

    Apr 4 2015
    I’m very, very, thankful for this product. Due to my neuropathy in all 4 limbs I spend much of my time in wheel chairs and hospital beds. Thus I’m prone to getting sores or bedsores. Which makes my sleeping (lying in bed) a burden, waking up about every hour to move. After having 5 sores and having tried many products, this one REALLY WORKED and I noticed after one day of applying it (to my wounds) and waking up, I had some healing! Oh what a relief it’s been to see my wounds slowly heal everyday and now NOT waking up every hour in pain. I’ve also decided to try it with my other health infirmities and it helped with my phlegm in throat, rashes on skin, other aches (bruises) and pains. I will be ordering more for me to try internally and for my friends and family. Every hospital, nursing home, and especially every home should have this on supply.
  • Carrie

    Aug 9 2012
    Thank you so much! I have been taking the 'overall well being' dosage for a few days now and I feel great. I hope you will have more on the shelf soon. Thanks for the fast shipping. Wish you the best with your store :)
  • francessargent

    May 20 2012
    This is my first try of bitters & i am looking forward to better health.
  • Rhea

    Apr 16 2012
    So happy i found this old remedy on here. Great product.
  • Kristine Roy

    Feb 5 2012
    Excellent (though it is VERY bitter) - I get severe headaches and tried this the other day for a migraine that was starting in the back of my head/neck - this actually helped tremendously. Thank you!
  • Latrouvaille

    Feb 5 2012
    Arrived in good time and perfect condition. Hope it works:)
  • Joel A

    Apr 5 2011
    I had a major tooth ache that ended up needing a root canal. My dentist didn't do root canals, so I had to go another night with intense pain before I could see an endodontist. Vicoden, didn't work. Ambesol worked a little bit, but for a very short period of time. A friend at work brought over a cotton ball with a few drops of a brown smelly liquid on it and told me to trust him. I was in enough pain to try anything. He had me gently chew on the cotton ball. It tasted bitter, and nasty, but not so nasty I didn't get use to it. Best of all though, it made the pain go away. I ended up gently chewing the cotton ball like gum, here and there adding a new drop, all the way up to my appointment with the endodontist. I now keep my own bottle.