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Natural Pain Aid

Sagebrush has been used for millennia in China under the name Qin Hao as a medicinal plant.

The plant is native to Asia and Europe and naturalized in North America. Costanoan Indians applied leaves to wounds or aching teeth for pain reduction, and as a decoction to bathe patients with colds, coughs, and rheumatism.


In Native American culture the plant is well respected and used in ceremonies of thankfulness a long with purifying the surrounding living spaces and atmosphere. Sage brush has a rather fruity, herbal yet sweet and clean scent. Both the extract and oil of Sagebrush is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. 

Opas Natural Pain Aid can help with bothersome aches and pains.  To apply Sagebrush to aching muscles and joints, simply spray 1-2 times on the local area of complaint.

4fl.oz (118ml)

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