How to detox using Swedish Bitter

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How to detox using Swedish Bitter
Today I want to talk about detoxing with Swedish Bitter. Swedish Bitter, as you may know, is a old recipe from the 1500's. It was first produced by paracelsus and then later discovered by Maria Treben.

Beat Stress with these 3 tips

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Beat Stress with these 3 tips

As the holiday season kicks in, the stress levels tend to rise. Here are some ways you can stop stress in its tracks and keep calm even through long lines at the supermarket.

Are air fresheners toxic?

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Are air fresheners toxic?

TOXIC! Yes! Not only are they toxic for you and your family but also for your four legged friends. Cats and dogs, just like humans, also have lungs and we are creating a toxic environment for them if we are using air fresheners. What kind of air fresheners am I referring to? Read below.

Bitter Break - Giving your liver a break for better digestion

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Bitter Break - Giving your liver a break for better digestion

Giving your liver a break is easier than you think. Bitter foods are not everyones favorite but can be very beneficial to your health by keeping your liver functioning at its optimal level.

During the holidays we tend to eat more sugar. It is tempting, gingerbreads, cakes, and pies. But eating all of this sugar can cause our bodies to crave more sugar and makes our organs work harder. It’s like a non stop process. To halt this, we can incorporate more bitter foods which in return help to wipe our palette clean, rid sugar cravings, and simply give our liver a break.

Top Health Trends 2015

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Top Health Trends 2015

Lets get started!

A great way to start of the year is to form healthier habits. Whether those habits are riding your bike to work instead of taking the car or walking 30 minutes a day or swapping out a banana for a chocolate bar. Ok ok, these are the traditional “I want to be a healthier” habits but since we are in the now, the year of mobile phones and iPads drones and computers that fit into our pockets. There are new ways of reminding us to get healthy and stay healthly. New findings and studies that help us look and feel young. Lets take a look at the top 2015 health trends.

Health benefits of Marshes or Moor

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Foot in Marsh Lake

Moor, fen, marsh, or a swamp; they are the most healing and beneficial bodies of water.

Those muddy looking waters, who would want to jump into that? Well, after I clarify how healing and beneficial these moors and marshes can be, I guarantee you'll want to hop in. 

What is it?

A moor/marsh/swamp/bog is a special wet habitat that often appear in valleys or slopes. They are characterized by a severe runoff of water and their floors are made up of mostly air and oxygen. No water equals no marsh. Everywhere in the world where there is sufficient water and the climate allows peat-forming vegetation, a moor may arise. Moors or marshes contain decomposed plant material such as leaves, branches and bark from the nearby grounds and forests. After decomposition occurs, rich carbon substances form leaving these bodies of water rich with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.

The Importance of Water and Salt

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The Importance of Water and Salt
Author: Dr. Barbara Hendel: Doctor and author, leads a day hospital for regulatory biological therapies, Health care and regeneration in Herrsching / Upper Bavaria Germany
Source: © Bunte Magazin

How important is clean water and salt for the body?

In our affluent society millions of people suffer from obesity, slagging and thus resulting in diseases. The causes: sedentary lifestyle, eating too many calories - and chronic lack of water and salt. It sounds strange that too little water and salt makes us fat, lazy, sick and prematurely old. Finally, we have an abundance of water and salt is regarded as white poison rather than white gold. However, we mainly consume chemically manufactured drinks instead of drinking pure water, seasoning with worthless common salt (sodium chloride) instead of full-fledged natural salt. The physician Dr. Barbara Hendel from Herrsching in Upper Bavaria has dealt with international research on curative effects of natural spring water and salt. With biophysicist Peter Ferreira she summarized the findings in the book "Water & Salt - source of life".

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