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Green Tea Facial Mask Powder

Best Seller!

Using our Green Tea clay mask is a wonderful way to keep glowing youthful skin, they aid to deep cleanse pores and remove product buildup such as make and sunscreens.

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When pores are blocked breakouts occur and prevent the maximized amount of cell regeneration. Cell regeneration and renewal is the key to healthy youthful skin. When cells are regenerating, the result is clean glowing skin as well as an even skin tone.

Green Tea Facial Mask is designed to cleanse, reduce inflammation, improve skin condition, revitalize, renew skin cells, add more youthful appearance, help balance skin pH, detoxify, and reduce acne. Frankincense has been known for its amazing healing properties. Frankincense is a tonic for the skin and is said to rejuvenate mature and aging skin. This mask leaves skin feeling soft and clean. Use weekly as an anti-aging regimen.

French Green Clay is a very healing clay originating from France. It has been known for its detoxifying and purifying properties. Its color, green, depends on its composition.

Green Tea Facial Mask PowderIt is composed of many trace elements including:

  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • manganese
  • iron
  • selenium
  • along with other minerals

Green Tea is filled with antioxidants, can offer to slow down aging, can reduce sun damage by quenching free-radicals, and can protect one against skin cancer.

Cucumber Peel is very cooling, softens skin, reduces inflammation, contains silica helpful for connective tissues and collagen production.

Seaweed has the ability to moisturize and repair the skin. Most seaweed contain 60 trace minerals and are rich in antioxidants. Seaweed is full of selenium, beta-carotene, combats skin irritation, has inflammatory properties, can aid in acne care killing bacterial infected breakouts, and promote circulation.

Aromatic Scent:
herbal, fruity, clean
Aromatic Strength:
healing, detoxifying, purifying, cooling, moisturizing
Lasting (Daily Use):
about 10 applications
12 month
3.4fl.oz (100ml)