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Spearmint Lip Balm

Spearmint lip balms are filled with nourishing oils which condition the labia oris (lips).

These babies are a tad bit sweet to keep a smile on your face all day! Opas lip balms keep your lips moisturized, prevent future chapping, and we promise you’ll feel a little tingle or two on your lips.  These lip balms are great for any type of weather!

Have you a clue?
The labia oris (lips) do not contain sabaceous glands or sweat glands. Sabaceous glands are relatively small and they secrete what you call sebum from within the hair follicles. This process lubricates the skin and prevents evaporation of sweat and retain body heat. This process doesn't take place on the lips and because of this our lips are more likely to become easily chapped.

Aromatic Scent:
light, sweet, spearmint
Aromatic Strength:
moisturizing, cooling, healing
8 month
depends on user
0.4fl.oz (15ml)