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Rose Neroli Lotion

This daily anti-aging moisturizing lotion will improve dry lifeless skin and instantly hydrate skin.

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Rose Neroli is a all natural formulated lotion with rose hydrosol and organic extracts such as green tea, white tea, ginkgo biloba, olive leaf, and roobios tea. Antioxidants such as organic tea extracts have been shown to slow the process of aging and protect the skin against free-radicals.

pH balance

Rose has a harmonizing affect upon the skin including the ability to influence the skins pH to become more balanced.


The smell of Rose immediately works as an antidepressant and eases the nerves. Rose calms the skin including flare ups and irritation with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. This formulation is great for acne and sensitive skin.


Rose Neroli Lotion is designed to give a natural glow while hydrating skin. it has the ability to infuse moisture back into the skin helping to heal dry, cracked, and mature skin. Rosewater has been anciently acknowledged for its properties to tighten pores, stimulate the skin and blood flow, balancing sebum production, balancing skin pH, and uplifting the entire being.

Aromatic Scent:
floral, herbal, sweet
Aromatic Strength:
moisturizing, not greasy, absorbent, light
hydrating, healing, moisture, rejuvenating, tightening, stimulating
To keep freshness please use within 6 month.
4fl.oz (180ml)