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Ojai Lavender Spray

Opas Ojai Lavender Spray is made of essential oils to quickly refresh the body. Use this spray to also freshen any room.

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This light calming scent is pure local lavender essential oil from Ojai, California, Our spray is 100% eco-friendly and comes in a 40% recycled glass. Other ingredients include water, glycerin and polysorbate. Spray body after showering or during the day as a refresh. Our sprays can be used in the house and or on fine linen. Use our natural spray in your car as a car freshener and in the bathroom.

Spray the room and watch the noise level come down. Lavender is known as a sedative. It calms, distresses, helps center the mind, and may aid sleep.

Made in the USA. Important information about ingredients: Lavender comes from Ojai California. Did you know Polysorbate is a natural emulsifier derived from Coconut? We add vegetable glycerin to our sprays for its light moisturizing properties.

Aromatic Scent:
earthy, sweet, calming
Aromatic Strength:
calming, relaxing
Lasting (Skin):
8 month
4fl.oz (180ml)