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Orange Spray

Opas Orange Spray is made of essential oils to quickly refresh the body and mind assisting with concentration. Use this spray to also freshen any room.

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Theres nothing better than the smell of fresh squeezed oranges! This light uplifting scent is a mix of different orange essential oils. Spray body after showering or during the day as a refresh. Spray at times of needed concentration or to remove anxiety.

This spray can be used in the house. Use our natural spray in your car as a car freshener and in the bathroom.

Spray orange to uplift your atmosphere. Feeling tense? Studies show diffusing orange at a dental office calmed patients down. Spray orange at work to keep anxiety down and help energize co-workers.

Made in the USA. Important information about ingredients: Orange Essential Oil comes from California

Did you know Polysorbate is a natural emulsifier derived from Coconut? We add vegetable glycerin to our sprays for its light moisturizing properties.


Aromatic Scent:
fruity, sweet, fresh
Aromatic Strength:
uplifting, refreshing, cleansing
Lasting (Skin):
light - medium
8 month
4fl.oz (180ml)