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Cedar Bark Soap

Cedar Bark Soap

Cedar Bark is a wonderful fungicidal and antiseptic soap. It has a calming effect upon the mind and body.

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Extra moisturizing properties are present in this soap as shea butter heals, protects, and helps restore the skin's elasticity and hydrolipidic film further assisting with dry thirsty skin. Cedar Bark is fresh, stimulating, and provides a warm and inviting scent. Both Fir and Cedar essential oils are known for opening up the respiratory tract aiding in better breathing and the reduction in phlegm.

Our old-fashioned handcrafted natural soaps are created in small batches using a variety of natural oils, butters & essential oils including vitamin E coconut nut oil, shea butter, palm kernel oil, palm oil, essential oils of cypress, fir needle, cedarwood, sage, petitgrain, bergamot, and pine needle. We carefully choose all of our ingredients for their many benefits. Enjoy a moisturizing, cleansing, and extra super sudsy bar of cedar bark soap. This soap has a clean feel to it as it conditions your skin.

Scent of this wonderful soap reflects a visit to a fresh redwood forest. Cedar chips in Cedar Bark help exfoliate to remove old dead skin cells, resulting in a clean and smooth skin surface This cabin inspired soap is cleansing, hearty, and makes a great gift for both men and women. Filled with vitamin E to help protect the skin.

Switching to real handmade soap made with luxurious natural oils and butters can truly benefit your skin's health. Our handcrafted soap leaves skin feeling smooth and loved.

Aromatic Scent:
woody, forest, fresh
Aromatic Strength:
medium - strong
Lather Ability:
advanced exfoliating
moisturizes, infections
Lasting (Daily Use):
3 - 4 weeks
24 month
4.5 oz (130 g)