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Chamomile Soap

Chamomile Soap

Chamomile Soap is perfect for both irritated and sensitive skin. Organic Hempseed oil is well known for its anti-aging properties and ability to balance moisture.

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Our skin has the ability to regulate moisture. The barrier which is located on the surface part of the skin called epidermis is responsible for regulating the moisture or keeping water inside of the skin. In order to attract or hold water in the skin, you will need a natural humectant. Essential fatty acids are natural humectants and because hempseed oil contains up to 80%, it can offer to help regulate the moisture in our skin.

We add Organic Calendula and Organic Chamomile because of its history of treating inflamed skin. Azuelene, the compound in the chamomile plant which makes the essential oil blue, is used traditionally for its anti-inflammatory properties and skin healing. Chamomile provides extra moisturizing qualities for dry and thirsty skin. helps tighten pores, and has a light scent, making it perfect for most skin types especially sensitive, dry and mature skin.

Chamomile soap has more of a creamy thick texture and is a great ph balanced soap to use for the entire family including babies.

  • Hempseed oil has the highest amount of EFA’s essential fatty acids ever found in any other plant
  • Hempseed oil has the ability to help smoothen skin.
  • Studies have shown, when topically applied, Omega 6’s found in Hemp Oil has helped acne and psoriasis sufferers.
  • Hempseed oil contains up to 80% of essential fatty acids.
Aromatic Scent:
light, flowery, mild, calming
Aromatic Strength:
Lather Ability:
soft, slightly exfoliating
irritations, infections
Lasting (Daily Use):
4 - 5 weeks
24 month
4.5 oz (130 g)
Approx.: 4 oz (120 g) - 5 oz (140 g)