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Beer Soap

You know the smell of Springs end? It's warm and the summer days are approaching. Wild flowers are in bloom, the symphony of birds and bees are present.

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You hang the sheets outside to dry and take your midday nap. You awake refreshed and go to retrieve your linen. Out of habit, you smell your sheets to check if they are clean. That's our Beer Soap.

It's the smell of malt, rose geranium, and a summer day.

Our German Beer Soap is gentle and super moisturizing offering generous lather and a luxurious bath time. It's a clean malty and slightly floral scent that spreads throughout the house. Even your neighbors might smell this one! Rose Geranium adds a floral note while clove and malt gives the scent it's depth and character. Grapeseed oil has been formulated into this soap for its ability to easily absorb into the skin offering long lasting moisture.

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It’s said that beer has curative effects on the hair and complexion. Bathing in beer goes back to the Middle Ages. Known for giving the skin a glowing radiant appearance, beer is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Enjoy a bar of goodness that helps with dry skin, acne, blemishes and aids to balance out the skins pH.

We use 100% Dark imported German beer from Bavaria. Each bar of soap contains a whopping shot glass of beer, that's a lot! Bavaria is known for is amazing beer and it's high quality pristine alpine water. Alpine water contains high mineral content due to the many rock layers in the mountains. The contents of beer include; magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, and biotin.

Does it get any better than that? Washing with European Beer?

Aromatic Scent:
sweet, malty, hops, balsamic
Aromatic Strength:
Lather Ability:
moisturizing, smooth, clean
Lasting (Daily Use):
2 - 3 weeks
24 month
4.5 oz (130 g)