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Winter Fern Soap

Winter Fern Soap

Aside from this luxurious soap being super moisturizing and anti-aging, its formulated to assist the detoxification process in the body along with allowing the mind to relax.

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Some beneficial factors of this soap include the ability to bring more blood to the skin surface helping to flush out toxins and speed up healing processes. Hence, the name "Winter", we often consume more calories than our bodies require during the wintertime, this soap is a great benefit to a detox regimen helping to signal detoxification in the body during the entire year. Did you know the skin is the largest organ? Detoxing the skin plays a vital role in the immunity of the physical body.

Essential oils such as fir, cedarwood, pine and spruce are known for their pain reliever effects and ability to loosen up phlegm. Add our Winter Fern soap to your daily bath or shower regimen for a clear throat and better breathing.

Other benefits:

  • improving respiratory conditions (better breathing)
  • relaxing muscles
  • may relieve pain
  • reduces bacteria on the skin
  • may improve body odor
  • may stimulate immune and metabolism system
  • may induce sweating
  • may help with mental exhaustion

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Aromatic Scent:
woody, forest, fresh
Aromatic Strength:
medium - strong
Lather Ability:
smooth, creamy, clean, fresh
stress, exhaustion, anti aging, tensions
Lasting (Daily Use):
3 - 4 weeks
24 month
4.5 oz (130 g)