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The control of a World

The food industry as we know it is very twisted today. Every major company has subsidiaries and by creating this monopoly results one company owning many of the worlds consumer product brands. For example, Unilever is a British company, and although we know them as the maker of Dove soap, they are also the makers of; Lipton (tea), Vaseline, PG Tips(tea), Suave, and Finesse. I've only began to touch the tip of the ice berg.

Since the 1980's Unilever has managed to buy 7 large companies.

These companies include:
  • Cheesebrough-Ponds 1987
  • Calvin Klein Cosmetics 1989
  • Helene Curtis 1996
  • Best Foods 2000
  • Ben & Jerry's 2000
  • Silm Fast 2000
  • Alberto Culver 2010

Just in October 2010, Unilever purchased Alberto Culver. Alberto Culver is the maker of VO5, TRESemmé, and Mrs. Dash. The company Alberto Culver was purchased at a whopping 3.5 billion dollars. It sounds to me like Unilever has a lot of capital. None of the brand names I have mentioned are natural and Unilever still seems to do well in its market.

With Unilever being the worlds leading company in hair conditioning products and the second largest company in shampoo, this gives us an idea of how much poison is going on consumers scalps as well as in our environment. In my opinion these companies are too big to fail. As long as we support them, the more synthetics and chemicals we will expose our selves to.

No wonder the bee is disappearing, I would disappear too if for thousands of years I have been buzzing on this earth flying from flower to flower - the way mother nature intended. All of a sudden the humans come and what do you know, I'm drinking run-off contaminated with pesticides from farmlands.

Nature is a cycle that has worked before we could even learn how to say our ABC's. It is no surprise by us tampering with the way our food grows that the bee no longer fits into this natural cycle. Indeed, its not natural if man interferes with a cycle proven to work even after we self destruct.

Independent or pretending to be independent?

The other day in a health food store I stumbled upon a cereal by the name of Barbara's. The cereal ended up being not too bad and the ingredients were pretty pure. On the side of the box it said: Petaluma, California. I've heard good things about Petaluma, California - very active community. Back to the point, the cereal says made in Canada. I love Canadian products! It's not necessarily sustainable to buy cereal made in Canada concerning all the energy involved for this box to get here but where can I find quality cereal without all the synthetic ingredients that are not made by mainstream monopolized companies.

This is important to know who you are supporting. We love to support local companies, but just because General Mills has been around since the 1800's doesn't mean I have to support them. This is another example of a company too big to fail. Total revenue of General Mills in 2009 was 14.7 Billion dollars. I like to see a company stick around for a long time but buying other companies and owning every other restaurant i.e. Red Lobster and Olive Garden is plain greed. Both consumer and manufacturer play even roles.

Business as usual.

Barbaras cereal is made by Barbaras Bakery Inc, a subsidiary owned by Wheetabix Food Co. Wheetabix was originally invented in the 1920's by Bennison Osbourne. In 2004 Weetabix was bought by Lion Capital LLP. Before Lion Capital LLP it was an affiliate of Hicks Muse Tate & Furst, one of the largest "private" equity firms of the 1990's. Just when I thought I was supporting something independent and sustainable, I'm proven wrong once again.

The goal of the major companies is to buy small successful established businesses. Cadbury for example was recently acquired by Kraft. Cadbury is a British chocolate manufacturer. The acquisition of Cadbury faced widespread disapproval from the British public, as well as groups and organizations. People started to fight the takeover, but as usual money ruled. After promises to keep factories open and people employed the opposite is happening.

Around the world people stand up and use social media outlets to build awareness and fight corporate takeovers.

What to do

I ask my self this, where are the independent companies? I imagine its hard for a person to start their own cereal company especially in this economy. It is not easy as a small business owner, we aren't eligible for many tax breaks, loans, and medical insurance for employees are costly - yikes! That's enough to discourage a person to succeed.

I'll keep researching companies and their subsidiaries and their partner companies and their sister companies until I find good intentions. Until then, I'll support farmers markets, local artist, and local health food stores.

The who owns who.

Products can contain GMO (Genetically modified organism) A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.
Kraft Owned Products: Product Type: Location
Africana Chocolate & Confectionery Romania
Alpen Gold Chocolate & Confectionery Poland, Russia
Baker's Chocolate & Confectionery USA
Cadbury Chocolate & Confectionery United Kingdom
Charada Chocolate & Confectionery Peru
Chipsmore Chocolate & Confectionery Malaysia, Singapore
Côte d'Or Chocolate & Confectionery Belgium
Daim Chocolate & Confectionery Sweden, USA
Filipinos Chocolate & Confectionery Spain, Portugal
Freia Chocolate & Confectionery Norway
Japp Chocolate & Confectionery Scandinavia
Knox Chocolate & Confectionery USA
Kong Haakon Chocolate & Confectionery Norway
Korona Chocolate & Confectionery Ukraine
Kraft Caramels Chocolate & Confectionery USA
Lacta Chocolate & Confectionery Brasil
Marabou Chocolate & Confectionery Sweden, USA
Mikado Chocolate & Confectionery Europe
Milka Chocolate & Confectionery Europe, USA
O'boy Chocolate & Confectionery Scandinavia, Estonia
Poiana Chocolate & Confectionery Romania
Prince Polo Chocolate & Confectionery Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and Ukraine
Suchard Chocolate & Confectionery Germany, Austria
Svoge Chocolate & Confectionery Bulgaria
Terrys Chocolate & Confectionery USA
Toblerone Chocolate & Confectionery Europe, USA
Twist Chocolate & Confectionery Germany, Austria
Ali Coffee Coffee USA
Café HAG Coffee Germany
Carte Noire Coffee USA
General Foods International Coffee USA
Gevalia Coffee Sweden
Jacobs Coffee Europe
Kenco Coffee United Kingdom
Maxwell House Coffee USA
Nabob Coffee Canada
Onko Coffee USA
Saimaza Coffee Spain
Sanka Coffee USA
Tassimo Coffee USA
Starbucks Coffee - grocery USA
Bonox Condiment USA
BullsEye Barbecue Sauce Condiment USA
Calumet Baking Powder Condiment USA
Cheesybite Condiment Australia
Claussen Condiment USA
Estrella Condiment Sweden
Grated Parmesan cheese Condiment USA
Grey Poupon Condiment USA
Kraft BBQ Sauce Condiment USA
Kraft Mayo Condiment USA
Kraft Peanut Butter Condiment Canada
Miracle Whip Condiment USA
Miracoli Condiment Germany
Pure Kraft Salad Dressings Condiment USA
Seven Seas Condiment USA
Royal baking powder Condiment Condiment USA
Air Crisps Cookies & Biscuits USA
Arrowroot biscuits Cookies & Biscuits USA
Back to Nature Cookies & Biscuits USA
Cameo Cookies & Biscuits USA
Cheese Nips Cookies & Biscuits USA
Cheez Whiz Cookies & Biscuits USA
Chicken in a Biskit Cookies & Biscuits USA
Chips Ahoy! Cookies & Biscuits USA
Christie Cookies & Biscuits Canada
Club Social Cookies & Biscuits USA
Fig Newton Cookies & Biscuits USA
Fudgee-O Cookies & Biscuits Canada
Grape-Nuts Cookies & Biscuits USA
Harvest Crisps Cookies & Biscuits USA
Honey Maid Cookies & Biscuits USA
In-A-Biskit Cookies & Biscuits Australia
Jacob's Cookies & Biscuits USA
Kraker Bran Cookies & Biscuits USA
LU - Lefèvre-Utile Cookies & Biscuits USA
Mostro Cookies & Biscuits Peru
Nilla Cookies & Biscuits USA
Non-Stop Cookies & Biscuits Scandinavia
Nutter Butter Cookies & Biscuits USA
Oreo Cookies & Biscuits USA
ORO Saiwa Cookies & Biscuits Italy
Post Naturals Cookies & Biscuits USA
Premium Cookies & Biscuits USA
Ritz Cookies & Biscuits USA
Ritz Metro Cookies & Biscuits Mexico
SnackWells Cookies & Biscuits USA
Sugar Wafers Cookies & Biscuits USA
Swiss Crackers Cookies & Biscuits USA
Teddy Grahams Cookies & Biscuits USA
Thinsations Cookies & Biscuits USA
Tiger Energy Biscuits Cookies & Biscuits Southeast Asia
Trakinas Cookies & Biscuits USA
Triscuit Cookies & Biscuits USA
Wheatsworth Cookies & Biscuits USA
Better Cheddars Dairy & Deserts USA
Breakstone's Dairy & Deserts USA
Cool Whip Dairy & Deserts USA
Cracker Barrel Dairy & Deserts USA
Dairylea Dairy & Deserts United Kingdom
Easy Cheese Dairy & Deserts USA
Eden Dairy & Deserts Philipines
El Caserío Dairy & Deserts Spain
Jell-O Dairy & Deserts USA
Jet-Puffed Marshmallows Dairy & Deserts USA
Kraft Sandwich Spread Dairy & Deserts USA
Kraft Singles Dairy & Deserts USA
P'tit Québec Dairy & Deserts Canada
Philadelphia cream cheese Dairy & Deserts USA, Europe
Polly-O Dairy & Deserts USA
Capri Sun Drinks USA, Europe
Clight Drinks USA
Country Time Drinks USA
Crystal Light Drinks USA
Kool-Aid Drinks USA
Naked Drinks Drinks USA
Tang Drinks USA
Bagel-Fuls Meals & frozen Meals USA
Boca Burger Meals & frozen Meals
Delissio Meals & frozen Meals Canada
DiGiorno Meals & frozen Meals USA
Jack's Pizza Meals & frozen Meals USA
Kraft Dinner Meals & frozen Meals Canada
Kraft Easymac Meals & frozen Meals USA
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Meals & frozen Meals USA
Lunchables Meals & frozen Meals USA
Oscar Mayer Meals & frozen Meals USA
Shake 'n Bake Meals & frozen Meals USA
Simmenthal Meals & frozen Meals Italy
South Beach Living Meals & frozen Meals USA
Stove Top stuffing Meals & frozen Meals USA
California Pizza Kitchen Meals & frozen Meals grocery USA
Taco Bell Meals & frozen Meals grocery USA
Tombstone Meals & frozen Meals grocery USA
Balance Bar Nutrition & Health USA
A1 Steak Sauce Sauce USA
Anderson Pretzels Snacks USA
Cheezels Snacks Australia, Malaysia
CornNuts Snacks USA
Coronita Snacks Peru
Handi-Snacks Snacks USA
Lyuks Snacks Ukraine
Maarud Snacks Norway
Planters Snacks USA
Snackabouts Snacks USA
Toasted Chips Snacks USA
Twisties Snacks Malaysia
Unilever Owned Products: Product Type: Location:
Sana Butter Ukraine
Alsa Chocolate & Confectionery Sweden
Lysoform Cleaner Europe
Glorix Cleaner Netherlands
Vim Cleaner Bangladesh, India, Pakistan
Bru Coffee USA
Amora Condiment French
Bertolli Condiment USA, Europe
Blue Band Condiment Worldwide
Brummel & Brown Dairy & Deserts USA
Calvé Condiment Netherlands
Colman's Condiment USA
Fanacoa Condiment Argentina
Fruco Condiment Columbia
Hellmann's Condiment USA
Kecap Bango Condiment Indonesia
Kissan Condiment India, Pakistan
Knorr Condiment Europe, USA
Lady's Choice Condiment Asia
Lizano Sauce (Salsa Lizano) Condiment Costa Rican
Maille Condiment French
Skippy Condiment USA
Tortex Condiment Poland
Turun sinappi Condiment Finland, Sweden
Signal Dental Care Worldwide
Zhonghua Dental Care Asia
Rinso Detergent Indonesia
Minerva Detergent & Softeners Brasil
Omo Detergent & Softeners USA, Europe
Persil Detergent & Softeners Europe
Quix Detergent & Softeners United Kingdom
Rinso Detergent & Softeners Indonesia
Robijn Detergent & Softeners Netherlands
Skip Detergent & Softeners Europe
Snuggle Detergent & Softeners USA
Sun Detergent & Softeners USA
Sunlight Detergent & Softeners Sri Lanka
Viso Detergent & Softeners Vietnam
Wisk Detergent & Softeners USA
Xedex Detergent & Softeners Philipines
Ades or Adez Drinks Latin America
Jif Lemon & Lime Juice Drinks Worldwide
Dove Hair & Skin Care USA
Fair and Lovely Hair & Skin Care Sri Lanka, Pakistan
Good Morning Hair & Skin Care Egypt
Impulse Hair & Skin Care Netherlands
Lever 2000 Hair & Skin Care USA
Lifebuoy Hair & Skin Care Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia
Linic Hair & Skin Care Portugal
Lux Hair & Skin Care USA, Europe
Lynx Hair & Skin Care UK, Ireland and Australasia
Mist Hair & Skin Care Egypt
Pears Transparent Soap Hair & Skin Care USA, Canada
Pond's Hair & Skin Care USA, Europe
Rexona Hair & Skin Care Europe
Sedal Hair & Skin Care Brasil
Suave Hair & Skin Care USA, Europe
Sunlight Hair & Skin Care Africa
Sunsilk Hair & Skin Care Latin America
Thermasilk Hair & Skin Care USA, Canada, Europe
TIGI Hair & Skin Care USA
Timotei Hair & Skin Care Germany, United Kingdom
Vaseline Hair & Skin Care Worldwide
Vibrance Hair & Skin Care USA, Canada, Europe
Vinólia Hair & Skin Care Brazil
White Beauty Hair & Skin Care USA
Elmlea Hair & Skin Care United Kingdom
Gessy Hair & Skin Care Brazil
Origins Hair & Skin Care United Kingdom
Q-Tips Hair & Skin Care Portugal
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Portugal
Bresler Ice Cream Chile
Breyers Ice Cream USA
Klondike Ice Cream USA, Canada
Paddle pop Ice Cream Australia, Indonesia
Popsicle Ice Cream USA
Streets Ice Cream Australia, New Zealand
Wall's Ice Cream United Kingdom
Eskimo Ice Cream Austria
Frigo Ice Cream Spain, Serbia
Frisko Ice Cream Denmark
Fudgesicle Ice Cream USA
GB Glace Ice Cream Sweden, Finland
Glidat Strauss Ice Cream Israel, USA
Good Humor Ice Cream USA, Canada, China
HB Ice Cream Ireland
Helados La Fuente Ice Cream Colombia
Holanda Ice Cream Mexico, Central America
Kibon Ice Cream Brazil
Kwality Wall's Ice Cream India
Langnese Ice Cream Germany
Lusso Ice Cream Switzerland
Miko Ice Cream France
Olá Ice Cream Belgium, Portugal
Pingüino Ice Cream Ecuador
Selecta Ice Cream Canada
Streets Ice Cream Australia, New Zealand
Sure Hair & Skin Care United Kingdom
Tio Rico Ice Cream Latin America
Walls Ice Cream United Kingdom
Surf Laundry USA
Pot Noodle Noodle United Kingdom
Slim·Fast Nutrition & Health USA
Findus Ready Food Italy
Unox Ready Food Netherlands
Bovril Ready Food United Kingdom
Cargills Retail USA, Europe
Ragú Sacue USA
Royal Sacue France
Peperami Sancks United Kingdom
Wish-Bone Sauce USA
BiFi Snacks Germany, Austria
Continental Snacks Australia, New Zealand
Conimex Spices Asia
Lao Cai Spices China
Amino Starch & Flower Poland
Annapurna Starch & Flower Africa, India
Maizena Starch & Flower Austria
Pfanni Starch & Flower Germany
Brooke Bond Tea United Kingdom
Bushells Tea Australia, New Zealand
Lan-Choo Tea Australia, New Zealand
Lipton Tea USA, Europe, South America
Lipton Ice Tea Tea USA
Lyons' Tea Ireland
Mc Collins Tea Peru
PG Tips Tea United Kingdom
Red Rose Tea Tea Canada
Saga Tea Poland
Sariwangi Tea Indonesia
Scottish Blend Tea United Kingdom
Becel Vegetable Oil USA
Best Foods Vegetable Oil USA
Country Crock Vegetable Oil USA
Delma Vegetable Oil Hungary
Du Darfst Vegetable Oil Germany, Austria
Flora Vegetable Oil United Kingdom
Gallo Vegetable Oil Portugal
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Vegetable Oil USA
Imperial Margarine Vegetable Oil Canada
Kasia Vegetable Oil Poland
Mrs. Filbert's Vegetable Oil USA
Planta Vegetable Oil Asia
Promise Vegetable Oil USA
Rama Vegetable Oil Germany, Austria
Stork Vegetable Oil United Kingdom
Vaqueiro Vegetable Oil Portugal
Nestle Owned Products: Product Type:
Cerelac Baby Foods
Gerber Baby Foods
Gerber Graduates Baby Foods
Mucilon Baby Foods
NaturNes Baby Foods
Nestum Baby Foods
Acqua Panna Bottled Water
Aquarel Bottled Water
Arrowhead Bottled Water
Buxton Bottled Water
Dar Natury Bottled Water
Deer Park Bottled Water
Ice Mountain Bottled Water
Levissima Bottled Water
Perrier Bottled Water
Poland Spring Bottled Water
Pure Life Bottled Water
S.Pellegrino Bottled Water
Vittel Bottled Water
Carnation Instant Breakfast Breakfast Cereal
Cheerios Breakfast Cereal
Chocapic Breakfast Cereal
Cini Minis Breakfast Cereal
Estrelitas Breakfast Cereal
Fitness Breakfast Cereal
Nesquik Breakfast Cereal
Aero Chocolate & Confectionery
Baci Chocolate & Confectionery
Butterfinger Chocolate & Confectionery
Cailler Chocolate & Confectionery
Crunch Chocolate & Confectionery
Kit Kat Chocolate & Confectionery
Lion Chocolate & Confectionery
Orion Chocolate & Confectionery
Perugina Chocolate & Confectionery
Smarties Chocolate & Confectionery
Toronto Chocolate & Confectionery
Wonka Chocolate & Confectionery
Yorkie Chocolate & Confectionery
Nescafé 3 in 1 Coffee
Nescafé Cappuccino Coffee
Nescafé Classic Coffee
Nescafé Decaff Coffee
Nescafé Dolce Gusto Coffee
Nescafé Gold Coffee
Nespresso Coffee
Taster's Choice Coffee
Baeren Marke Dairy products
Carnation Dairy products
Cerevita Dairy products
Chamyto Dairy products
Coffee-Mate Dairy products
EveryDay Dairy products
La Laitière Dairy products
Nido Dairy products
Beltè Drinks
Contrex Drinks
Ecco Drinks
Juicy Juice Drinks
Milo Drinks
Nescafé Nesfrappé Drinks
Nescafé Takumi Drinks
Nescafé Xpress Drinks
Nescau Drinks
Antica Gelateria del Corso Ice Cream
Dibs Ice Cream
Dreyer’s Edy’s Ice Cream
Drumstick Ice Cream
Extrême Ice Cream
Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream
La Cremeria Ice Cream
Maxibon Ice Cream
Mövenpick Ice Cream
Nero Ice Cream
Buitoni In the Kitchen
Herta In the Kitchen
Hot Pockets In the Kitchen
Lean Cuisine In the Kitchen
Maggi In the Kitchen
Stouffer's In the Kitchen
Thomy In the Kitchen
Chef Nestlé Professional
Chef-Mate Nestlé Professional
Davigel Davifrais Nestlé Professional
Minor's Nestlé Professional
Trio Nestlé Professional
Boost Nutrition & Health
Clinutren Nutrition & Health
Impact Nutrition & Health
Jenny Craig Nutrition & Health
Nutren Nutrition & Health
Optifast Nutrition & Health
Peptamen Nutrition & Health
PowerBar Nutrition & Health
Resource Nutrition & Health
Alpo Petcare
Beneful Petcare
Cat Chow Petcare
Dog Chow Petcare
Fancy Feast Petcare
Felix Petcare
Friskies Petcare
Gourmet Petcare
One Petcare
Pro Plan Petcare
Purina Petcare
Tidy Cats Petcare
Procter & Gamble Owned Products: Product Type:
Ace Detergent & Softener
Align GI Nutrition & Health
Alldays Personal Hygiene
Always Personal Hygiene
Ariel Detergent or Softener
Asacol Nutrition & Health
Blue Stratos Fragrance & Perfume
Bold2in1 Detergent & Softener
Bounty paper towels Paper & Tissue
Braun Electronics
California Natural Petcare
Camay Hair & Skin Care
Cascade Detergent & Softener
Charmin Paper & Tissue
Cheer Detergent & Softener
Christina Aguilera Luxury fragrance Fragrance & Perfume
Clairol Hair & Skin Care
Clearasil Hair & Skin Care
Coast Hair & Skin Care
CoverGirl Fragrance & Perfume
Crest Dental Care
Dawn Detergent & Softener
Daz Detergent & Softener
Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Hair & Skin Care
Dolce & Gabbana Fragrance & Perfume
Downy Detergent & Softener
Dreft Detergent & Softener
Dunhill Luxury Fragrance for men Fragrance & Perfume
Duracell Electronics
Era Detergent & Softener
Escada Luxury Fragrance for women Fragrance & Perfume
Eukanuba premium dog and cat foods Petcare
Evo Petcare
Fairy Detergent & Softener
Febreze Fragrance & Perfume
Fibresure Nutrition & Health
Fixodent Dental Care
Flash Cleaner
Gain Detergent & Softener
Gillette Hair & Skin Care
Gleem Dental Care
Glide Dental floss Dental Care
Gucci colognes Fragrance & Perfume
Head & Shoulders Hair & Skin Care
Healthwise Petcare
Herbal Essence Hair & Skin Care
High Endurance Hair & Skin Care
Hugo Boss colognes Fragrance & Perfume
Hugo Modern, Luxury Fragrances Fragrance & Perfume
Iams dog and cat food Petcare
Infacare Baby Bath Hair & Skin Care
Innova Petcare
Ivory Soap Hair & Skin Care
Joy Detergent & Softener
Karma Petcare
Lacoste colognes Fragrance & Perfume
Lenor Detergent & Softener
Luvs Paper & Tissue
Max Factor Cosmetics
Metamucil Nutrition & Health
Monchel Hair & Skin Care
Mother Nature Petcare
Mr. Clean Cleaner
Natura Petcare
Nice n Easy Hair & Skin Care
Nicky Clarke Hair & Skin Care
Olay Hair & Skin Care
Old Spice Hair & Skin Care
Oral-B Dental Care
Pampers & Pampers Paper & Tissue
Pantene Hair & Skin Care
Pepto-Bismol Nutrition & Health
Prilosec OTC Nutrition & Health
Pringles Snacks
Puffs tissues Paper & Tissue
PUR Water Filtration Cleaner
Safeguard Hair & Skin Care
Scope Dental Care
Sebastian Professional hair cosmetics Hair & Skin Care
Secret deodorant Fragrance & Perfume
Silvikrin Hair & Skin Care
SK-II beauty products Hair & Skin Care
Swiffe Cleaner
Tampax tampons Paper & Tissue
Tide Detergent & Softener
Tip Detergent & Softener
Viakal Cleaner
Vicks Healthcare Nutrition & Health
Vizir Detergent & Softener
Wella Hair & Skin Care
Zest Hair & Skin Care
Zirh Hair & Skin Care
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