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Vote with your dollar

Most likely you did not escape the horrifying way our world works nowadays. Politically, economically and the ever growing cleft between the rich and the middle class. Politics is thriving on smear campaigns and childish behaviors, majority of followers are, well, just followers. Followers believe what news corporations, politicians, and the common interest groups tell them.

People repeat what campaigns tell them, they do not build their knowledge on their own research. In order to shape a opinion you have to research and compare other opinions, reports and even better get news not influenced by this nations corporations, lobbyist, and of course the political puppets.

Try for a change independent news, for example Canadian news and compare the topics between left and right in a neutral view and then form and shape your opinion. A true opinion needs time to be invested. The American political system is so very screwed up because of the lack of choice, education, profit and honesty.

The whole system we live in is built on a ever growing market structure that should allow us the right to have a peaceful worry-free life. Every citizen that pays into this system should have the chance to afford their own house, have food on their table, and take care of their elderly and youngsters with support of health and security. But this is not happening because of distorted truths and keeping people purposely in the dark.

The less education a population has the easier it will be controlled. About 5% of wealth is owned by a few people and they are gaining quick momentum, specifically in a crises like this. The easiest way of controlling people is in fear and in desperate situations. So for every economic down fall there are even better opportunities for control hungry politics, corporate interests and the global trade. We see it in everyday life, companies that should have failed got reworded by our tax money. Morality and fair business practices do not exist anymore, the top leading corporations (to big to fail) are still getting bigger an we the people have less rights to choose between crook one and crook two.

We, the people, have the control.

We, the people, must understand that we can make a change for the benefit of us "The People" and our future generations -- its quite easy. Not only to vote in a politician that screw up after election. Even better, we as a whole are in control through every dime we spend on what we buy or donate.

Vote with your buck! It is a simple way of controlling and supporting the good cause. Its our choice that changes our world and not the corporations, politicians or interest groups. Here a simple example.

Did you support the way BP handled the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

O - Yes
O - No

If you selected yes:
Sorry but I'm loss of words...

If you selected no:
That include: BP, Arco, AM/PM, Castrol, BP Solar and other brands.

Yes, it can be that simple. If you do not agree on how a corporation behaves, you boycott them. Do not give them any money.

If 1 million think and work this way they will feel the impact every time someone does not fill their car at a Arco or BP station. 1Million people = $40 Million dollar per filling of one tank, and that applies once. Can you imagine if we all do this 3 times a month. Well thats pretty easy isn't it?

Did you know this about BP?

1965: Sea Gem offshore oil rig disaster
1993–1995: Hazardous substance dumping
2006–2007: Prudhoe Bay oil spill
2010: Texas City chemical leak
2010: Deepwater Horizon oil spill
BP was voted one of the ten worst corporations in both 2001 and 2005 based on its environmental and human rights records.

We the people must understand, we have the control and power to change companies like this, we just need to take advantage of it. Your voice today will be the change needed for tomorrow.

Support local and US made products

Support your own country, state, county, city, people and farms. Avoid spending money on oversea manufactured products. Its hard to find anything that is still made in the US but supporting overseas markets means you support:

their growing economy
their job markets
their environmental impact
their investment adventures in buying american brands and companies.
their exploitation of cheap labor.

So if majority of caring people can do this we would have changed the planet for the better. Just think next time you pick up a product where your money will go to and what consequences that will cause.

The products we buy and the people we exploit.

The profit driven economy is the exploitation of others. If something is manufactured in some overseas sweatshops you can take a lucky guess their human rights are most likely not as strict as in the developed nations. Well, the truth, it is a form of capitalistic offshore slavery. Unions, workers rights or equal opportunities do not exist in those industrial manufacturing nations like China, India, Bangladesh....

We do not like to know or see any behind the curtain information on those topics, why would we? It would make us feel guilty. It's easier not to think about it or the easy way, lets just ignore it. I don't mind looking and buying those cheap designer shoes. Pretty good deal or?

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