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How to detox using Swedish Bitter

Today I want to talk about detoxing with Swedish Bitter. Swedish Bitter, as you may know, is a old recipe from the 1500's. It was first produced by paracelsus and then later discovered by Maria Treben.

If you don't know who Maria Treben is, I will make a video later going more detail into the history of Swedish Bitter.

I use Swedish Bitter to detox, in fact my entire family uses Swedish Bitter. Swedish Bitter is composed of mainly 19 rare yet bitter herbs. It's a very bitter formula, and thats one of the things that makes it so special. Bitter compounds are almost obsolete in our diet nowadays and this we can began to understand when our digestion loses its efficiency. Meaning, we tend to gain weight quickly or having a upset stomach becomes more frequent.

These are just some of the things we will experience when we have a lack of bitter foods in our diet. Another example is sugar cravings, this is a result of eating low to no amounts of bitter foods. I use Swedish Bitter in the spring, right around this time. It's possible for me to start my Swedish Bitter detox regimen right after Christmas. This is the time we eat heavier foods as well as experience overeating.

How to get started: I take 1tbs of Swedish Bitter in 8-12 ounces of water in the morning on a empty stomach. In the evening I repeat this step. Just to give you a heads up, Swedish Bitter is bitter and it might take sometime before getting used to the taste.

If you are having trouble drinking Swedish Bitter with plain spring water, I would suggested adding 1 tablespoon of Swedish Bitter to a glass or orange juice and or cup of tea. If you are worried about the content of alcohol in swedish bitter, I would suggest adding 1tablespoon of Swedish Bitter to a cup of tea. Make sure the water is hot, this is going to help evaporate and dissolve the alcohol.

There are some swedish bitters on the market that use aloe vera but aloe vera and water cannot extract the information from the plants that are needed to address your digestive complaints. Therefore, we make the recipe exactly how it is supposed to be made.

You can take Swedish Bitter mornings and evenings for 3 - 6 weeks. After this, you will need to take a break. I would give it a week and then you can continue with your detox regimen if you like the results.

Digestive Complaints

If you have experience trouble digesting your food. You can take Swedish Bitter 30 minutes before you eat. This helps your body produce the necessary enzymes to help break down your food. You can do this everyday before you eat. 1tbs of Swedish Bitter in water and drink it. You do not have to drink it fast.

I Ate Too Much It happens!

If you have eaten too much and your body is struggling to digest the food you have given it. You can take a 1 tbs of Swedish Bitter and add it to 4 - 6 fl.oz of water. I wouldn't suggest to drink too much water. Give Swedish Bitter a chance to start helping to break down your food and then you can drink more water.

Thats it, these are some ways I use Swedish Bitter in the Springtime to help detox my body. In result, my body feels more alert, I eat less, and exercise more. If you have any questions or want to share how Swedish Bitter has been helping you, feel free to leave a comment or email us.