Wild Argan conditioner is stimulating, and is beneficial to all hair types including treated, dry, and processed hair.


Ojai Lavender conditioner is balancing, conditioning, calming, relaxing, increases flexibility of hair, and stimulates hair growth.


Palmarosa conditioner is nourishing, increases flexibility, helps prevent breakage, and aids to keep hair healthy.


Bossa Nova conditioner is designed to help promote stimulation of the hair follicles.


Conditioner Reviews

I love this shampoo and conditioner! It makes my hair sooo soft! I've tried other all natural shampoos and conditioners,...

This paired with the Maggiorana Shampoo works wonders! It is a light conditioner that doesn't leave my hair feeling heav...

The only safe conditioner that worked and made my dry thick hair look nice and smooth. Truly the best....

I love this conditioner! It feels amazing to use a conditioner that does not contain harsh chemicals....

Great conditioner that smells so good! Fast shipping and great seller:)...

Gorgeous conditioner. Did wonders for my hair. Thanks so much !...
Carrie Fraser
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