Ojai Lavender Shampoo

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What makes a great shampoo? A great shampoo cleanses, moisturizes and protects.

The right balance is critical otherwise you are left with stiff, dry, and vulnerable hair.

Our formulations reflect a balancing shampoo that cleanses the scalp and strands. Marigold extract plays a key role for soothing any irritation on the scalp, it also increases the flexibility of hair, and promotes strong hair growth. In addition Calendula is antibacterial, increases circulation, and can even help with a flaky scalp and dandruff. Another key ingredient in our Ojai Lavender is Jojoba oil.

It has been prized for its ability to protect air acting like a shield and easily attaching itself to strands because its chemical structure is similar to the sebum we produce. In addition, jojoba oil makes hair more manageable, tangle free, and offers the right balance of moisture for hair when the right amount is applied. The correct amount of moisture is especially important for achieving hair growth and for encouraging curls to stay bonded.

This shampoo is especially great for dry hair. Our hair may be dry for various reasons such as over-styling, applying excessive heat, environmental conditions, overexposure to the sun, hair dye and chemicals. Our shampoos are formulated to help stressed hair and scalp heal so they may return back to their natural state.

Lavender Flower (Lavandula officinalis)
Calendula (Calendula officinalis)
Aromatic Scent:
earthy, sweet, calming
Lather Ability:
Aromatic Strength:
Hair Type
normal - dry
moisterizes, flexibility, hair growth, balancing
Lasting (Daily Use):
4-6 weeks
6 month
8fl.oz. (236ml)


Distilled Water, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (natural gum), Silk Amino Acid, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), Vegetable Glycerin, Decyl glucoside (natural surfactant), Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (natural surfactant), Caprylic & Capric Triglyceride, Leuconostoc (Radish Root Ferment Filtrate), Organic Olive Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract, Aspen Bark Extract, Lavender


To start: wet hair first, add a quarter size amount of bossa nova directly to hair or to hands and massage scalp thoroughly. After washing your hair, rinse well and repeat as needed.

Please Note

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

Ojai Lavender Shampoo Reviews

  • kim kusser

    Sep 14 2019
    I’m not sure how I found Opa’s products, but I’m sure glad I did. I’m working my way through their products to find my favorites, and this shampoo is definitely a favorite.
  • Anu Rengarajan

    Nov 30 2018
    Wonderful shampoo. Not much lathering, but can feel the natural ingredients and the awesome aroma of lavender! This and the refresh are my favorites.
  • ariadne38 (Etsy)

    Sep 27 2016
    I have been on a long quest for a natural shampoo that cleans properly. This is the best I have found. I love lavender. It makes a beautiful lather.
  • dangeo2838 (Etsy)

    Jun 8 2016
    I'm really excited for this!! It shipped fast and when i got it I realized I didn't get a conditioner lol so that day I ordered that and I just got that today! Excited to see results leaves my hair shiny. I have naturally thick curly frizzy hair and when i brow it dry I barely have to straighten it. Thank you so much
  • Tina McDaniel (Etsy)

    Oct 20 2015
    This shampoo smells really nice. It was too heavy for my hair - I have fine hair and it weighed it down, but my daughter has thick hair and it works really nice for her.
  • Cassandra Cook (Etsy)

    Jun 16 2015
    I've been looking for an organic shampoo that wasn't a vinegar wash. This shampoo is uh-mazing!!! I love the scent, very earthy, herbal and clean. It hasn't dried out my chemically processed (bleached) hair. I have curly hair and this is one of the only shampoos that gives me a great natural bounce, but also can be blow dried out without frizzies. I am in love!
  • Anu R

    Sep 17 2014
    Great Shampoo. Not much lathering, but cleans very well. Very fast shipping.
  • Elaina Fruik (Etsy)

    Sep 17 2014
    This shampoo works great! I doubt I'll be using anything else!
  • Pauline H

    May 4 2014
    I tried this Ojai lavender shampoo a few times now and I like it! Smells great (not too overwhelming), cleanses gently but thoroughly (no squeakiness, feels smooth even when wet), and doesn't seem to irritate my sensitive eczema-prone scalp. When my hair dries, it leaves it very soft and not frizzy. By the third day, my hair is not greasy-looking, but does get a bit limp (which is normal unless I use dry shampoo). I would say it's the best natural/safe shampoo I've tried so far. Also, a little goes a long way and even with low lather, it gets my hair clean. I want to try the conditioner now! FYI, I have medium thick, non-dyed, "normal" hair. (Customer service was also good- prompt, thorough reply to my detailed question! I just wish the shipping cost were a little cheaper to make the overall price more competitive, but that's a small complaint :P )
  • Kristina

    May 20 2012
    First thing I did when I opened this was wash my hair to check it out. Lovely smell, rich lather, and left my (very fine) hair with admirable body. And such fast shipping, too!
  • Dewi

    Apr 24 2012
    So far, this is the best natural shampoo that I have ever tried! Since using this shampoo, my hair has been soft, shiny, no flakes, no pimples on scalp or hairlines, no itchy scalp!
  • Amber

    Apr 10 2012
    I was amazed that with so little lathering my hair was so clean. I love this shampoo! Thank you for making such a great product. Now I'm wishing it came in a bigger bottle. :0)
  • Adale

    Mar 15 2012
    Nice unique smell. Thank you.
  • Kristina F.

    Mar 12 2012
    I love love love the ojai lavender shampoo and conditioner I recently purchased! My hair feels very clean, yet soft and manageable.
  • princessflavia

    Feb 5 2012
    Very nice seller, fast shipping, WONDERFUL products! Thanks so much:)
  • Lisa G

    Feb 5 2012
    Wonderful prompt response from Mercedes to my questions. Also, prompt shipping and products arrived in good condition. I tried both the shampoo and conditioner, and like them both!
  • Ingeborg

    Dec 31 2011
    Highly recommended shampoo and seller, thank you so much:)
  • sunny f

    Aug 12 2011
    Was looking for a safe shampoo and conditioner and I am so glad that found Opas through EWG. I just received and tried both the Ojai Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner. I like smell and it went on nicely in the shower. My hair feels clean and good. The product is reasonably priced as well. I am looking forward to trying other products from Opas as well.
  • Tania

    May 4 2011
    When I stopped buying shampoos with SLS and other harmful chemicals at the store, I did crazy research to find an AFFORDABLE non-toxic shampoo and conditioner. However, other natural hair products made my hair feel dirty and waxy, and they were painfully expensive! I found Opas Soaps lavender shampoo/conditioner through the EWG 0 toxic rating, and thank goodness I did! It's a beautiful rich lather, a relaxing scent and my hair has grown dramatically. My hair glows and is so soft and FEELS SO CLEAN! I've only purchased these products after my first bottles, and my hair continues to shine after every use! I can promise anyone, this is the BEST product out there (and I have tried EVERYTHING, from biolage to jason's) And, the customer service is even better!!!!!! I will never use anything else again. Tania P.

    Apr 5 2011
    This shampoo and conditioner are wonderful products! These scents smell so great! I used it two times, I loved it. They helped to control my scalp reduced itchy and dryness. They helped to manage my hair bounce, softy, and less tangle. I agree with the other customer said about the size should get a 12oz or 16oz. I like the shampoo and conditioner have no chemicals in it. Great lather/creamy! I love it!
  • Kristy

    Mar 22 2011
    I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner! I've been on a kick for many years now to find a natural shampoo and haven't really found anything I could say I love....however I LOVE this! I have thin, moderately oily, dry, wavy and partially color treated hair. This shampoo and conditioner gives my hair density, volume, shine and a wonderful conditioned feel. It has helped with breakage and dryness wonderfully. I live in San Francisco and the weather is very fogy = FRIZZY hair. My hair stays straight in the fog, after blowdrying, a very first! Thank You so much for such a wonderful product and caring!
  • Elaine

    Mar 10 2011
    I found this shampoo and this company through EWG's Cosmetic Database. I really love it! It smells so good, and I love the fact that it is so natural and nothing harmful on my hair or body is left behind. The lather is great and my hair doesn't feel heavy at or unmanageable in anyway. My only complaint is that they don't make it in a bigger size! My whole family is using it, so we need the econo size. Please make a 12 oz or 16oz...please?
  • Lauren

    Jan 29 2011
    Leaves hair clean and happy! So, I've been on an ODYSSEY of sorts trying to find an all natural, non-toxic, non-soap-based shampoo, and it looks like I finally found something that works! This shampoo is pretty great. It has a creamy lather, rinses clean, leaves my hair with body and not requiring a conditioner (which almost never happens)! Also, it smells good, which is so important for me. I have hair that typically tends toward oily, however, after discovering that soap based shampoos totally dried out my scalp no matter how moisturizing they were supposed to be (and that's not to bash soap-based shampoos, it seems they work for most people, I'm just weird) I decided to give my poor scalp a break and get a shampoo for dry hair. As I've said, it works great and I'm quite pleased with the results, but I might try the Mojito shampoo and see if that's even better.
  • Casandra

    Jan 28 2011
    Perfect for my curly hair. I use the shampoo and conditioner every other day and my hair has never been this tame. I love it. It doesn't weigh my hair down but it doesn't frizz out either so I get the best of both . thank you Opas soaps.
  • Marci

    Nov 18 2010
    I love the smell of this shampoo. It makes my hair so soft and manageable, that I don't have to use conditioner as often! I love your shampoo and conditioners!!
  • Jennifer

    Nov 14 2010
    I wanted a product with no chemicals that smelled good and did not weigh down my hair and this fit all criteria. I love it.
  • Katherine

    Sep 29 2010
    I wanted to use a product that didn't contain any harmful chemicals but was still reasonable in price. I tried Ojai Lavender Shampoo, and I love it! It leaves my hair feeling very soft and manageable. I recommend it as well as the Ojai Lavender Conditioner very highly!
  • m.n.

    Sep 4 2010
    I was amazed how soft my hair became using really "healthy" shampoo. The bottle size was smaller than I thought, but you need smaller amount to wash your hair, too. So it works out. Only negative thing about this product is that the packaging label peels off messy & so easily while using it. Shampoo/conditioner are used in the water environment, it should be laminated or water proofed.
  • yasmin

    Aug 20 2010
    The first thing i noticed when i poured the shampoo on my hand apart from the fab smell, was that it was not like the normal thick and almost plastic feeling you get from the other shampoos. Which is great because you know straight away it's not full or crap..oops, excuse me : ) You don't even have to use that much at a time as well which is great. Like the conditioner, i simply love it. And us brits are very picky..lol
  • Manuela

    Jan 21 2010
    I just wanted to say, that i am sooo happy about your lavender shampoo. after having used it three times, it is soft and shiny. I also use it for my kids: fantastic!!! Thank you sooo much! manuela
  • Julie

    May 21 2008
    At first glance, the amount of shampoo doesn't seem like much but you only need to use a little so it seems like it will last for quite a while. I've been using the shampoo for a week and I like it. At first, I was put off by the smell which was not really a sweet flowery scent but more of an earthy one but it kind of grew on me after a while. Compared to other shampoos I've been using like the ones advertised on television, it seems to give similar results. This is a good thing considering that all the ingredients are natural. It leaves my hair soft and shiny and doesn't leave my hair oily at all (combined with the conditioner). I love the fact that it's so environmentally friendly and is so safe to use. I feel like my hair is getting healthier! Strangely, it keeps my hair pretty straight (also a good thing). I also loved the way they packaged the product. The box it came in had tissue paper and a small card...very pretty and thoughtful.
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