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New Vanilla and Orange Latte Candle

| Administrator | News, Opas Blog

Besides our website, what else are we up to?

We have launched a new candle: Vanilla Orange Latte. This is sweet creamsicle goodness. I don't think it gets better than this.

I've smelled many candles and they were either not strong enough, did not burn all the way, or were labeled natural but in fact mixed with chemicals and or made with nature identical oils. This defeats the purpose of a natural candle because when we burn oils or rather slow releasing oils, we breathe this in.

Our Vanilla Orange Latte candle is made with Madagascar Vanilla, Orange, and Cinnamon.

Cinnamon makes this mixture special because it adds a little depth and warmth. This candle will make your environment comfortable not only because Vanilla is a aphrodisiac but because the orange that we add to it helps to uplift. Around this time of year, we have less daylight and the days are shorter contributing to depression. We also tend to go inwards reflecting on the entire year and this candle helps to ground us giving us some comfort and feelings of security. Like a nice big blanket.

Written by Administrator.