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Opas Soap is now a EWG Verified Member

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As many of you know we are committed to making the safest and cleanest products. Our country, USA, has no regulations on personal care products.

This means the products on the shelves at any given are not regulated, may not have microbial testing, safety testing and theres no way to tell if the products are safe and clean without sending them into a lab.

With that in mind, we now have licensing with EWG (Environmental Working Group) and their criteria exceeds our exceptions as manufacturers. Although much is confidential, our writings and paperwork with the company, we are able to tell you this. EWG has the interest of the people in mind. We have now about 7 soaps verified. This is just the beginning and we will continue to submit our products for approval. 

When you see this seal, it means the products have been approved and meet the expectations and criteria of the EWG Verified program but it does not mean that the remaining of our products are unsafe. We produce our products by European Cosmetic standards with some exceptions of essential oils for aromatherapy use but our ingredients will never be questionable for carcinogen activity. We use only natural, naturally derived ingredients with natural preservation methods.

Because we personally have high standards, we would not release anything we personally would not use or give to our family. We are committed and have a responsibility to our customers. Our products are produced to be an addition to your life, heal, and spread love and awareness.

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