Pure Olive

Introducing our new Pure Olive Soap made with organic extra virgin olive oil. Pure Olive has no scent, the only ingredients are saponified organic extra virgin olive oil and distilled water. How cool that?

Winter Fern Soap

Aside from this luxurious soap being super moisturizing and anti-aging, its formulated to assist the detoxification process in the body along with allowing the mind to relax.

Natural Pain Aid

Sagebrush has been used for millennia in China under the name Qin Hao as a medicinal plant.

Schwedenbitter (Swedish Bitter)

Schwedenbitter is widely known to activate digestive organs, liver, as well as many other organs in the body, in a simultaneously but concordant fashion.

Alpine Herbs (Blend)

A great addition to your home. It’s calming, medicinal, and pain relieving.

Autumn (Blend)

Looking to set the mood for the holidays? Need to spice up a room?

Christmas (Blend)

Christmas!! What's better than the smell of a fresh cut christmas tree?

Energy (Blend)

Energy essential oil is a blend of essential oils with properties designed to give you a boost of energy whenever and wherever.

Immune (Blend)

Immune essential oil can be used to help boost the immune system and fight against infections, sickness, and viruses.

Relax (Blend)

Enjoy a quality relaxation essential oil blend with a bath, or simply dilute to wear as a perfume.

Thanksgiving (Blend)

Do you know that smell in the store around this time of year? Yes, the one that smells like cinnamon.

Winter Fern (Blend)

Winter Fern smells fresh, crisp, woody, and forest-like.

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

Bergamot Essential oil is a citrus oil extracted from the rind or peel of the citrus bergamot fruit. The aroma is a deep citrusy smell, sweet, and clean. Its properties include:

Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana)

Cedarwood Virginian calms nervous tension and states of anxiety.

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)

Clary sage is viewed by aromatherapists as an antidepressant, and antispasmodic, deodorant, emmenagogue, hypotensive, nervine, sedative, tonic and uterine.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)

Eucalyptus essential oil is fantastic on skin ailments (Burns, blisters, wounds, insect bites, lice and skin infections), as well as to combat the effects of colds and the flu.

Fir Needle (Abies siberica)

Fir Needle is well known for combating respiratory complaints.

Frankincense (boswellia serrata)

Frankincense essential oil therapeutic properties are; antiseptic, astringent, carminative, digestive, diuretic, sedative, tonic and expectorant.
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